My Uninvited Guest

by Randy Topacio | |

There are places wherein houses and condos are rented out as a source of income. Whenever we rent a place we usually take into consideration the look, the size and the location of the unit. Price of the unit is also another thing to consider. However, this is not usually the case. Especially when then place is close to your workplace or schools of your kids.

Anyway, this is the story of a young couple who rented a place in Paranaque. The people in the house were the husband and the wife together with their baby. They also have two helpers. A yaya and a household help.

Prior to this incident, there were manifestations observed by the residents of the place. It has been quite some time that the occupants of the place would feel a presence. Sometime they would see something zipping past them. The presence is so strong that they would even smell the stench of someone who has not taken a bath for a long time.

This is a photo shared to me by Tita Kelly. These are photos caught on CCTV. However, the video was not made available at this time.


This was a typical day of the place. The father and mother are out, both at work. The Yaya would watch over the child. For security reasons, the family installed a CCTV to monitor their child and the helpers.

One day, because of the hot weather conditions, the family decided to set up a pool for their child to cool off from the summer heat. An indoor inflatable pool was placed in the sala. As the Yaya and the child were playing in the pool. The familiar stench filled the room.

As the father and mother arrived from work, the helpers reported what they had experienced that afternoon. So the father reviewed the CCTV footage at the time they smelled the stench. As he was going through the video, there was one part that caught his attention.


To his surprise, he immediately grabbed a picture of the frame that captured what seems to be a person inside the room with them.


At first, he questioned the helpers why they had let a man inside their house? Of course, the helpers denied letting anyone in. They insisted that no one came in the room. “Kami lang pong dalawa at si (child’s name) ang nandito”. (Translation: “It was only the two of us and (child’s name) who were here.”)


Still in disbelief, they insisted that the CCTV showed otherwise.


However, there was a man that appeared behind yaya and child in the inflatable swimming pool. Is he a ghost? Only the two maids and a baby were at home at the time (the other maid is the one near the dining room)

Upon carefully analyzing the picture, I came to the conclusion that it is a ghost. Although, there are questions that needed to be answered.

Question 1: Do ghosts cast shadows?

Question 2: What I have read is that vampires do not reflect their image on a mirror. However, do ghosts have reflections on the mirror?

It is true that images of entities are sometimes captured on glass windows, doors, mirrors and even TV screens.

With these photos presented as evidence, do you believe in Ghosts?

Is this for real or not? You decide.

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