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Digital evangelist Homerun Nievera is also a blogger who lives down south of the metropolis. He looks at life from a laid-back point of view and admits to get his eureka moments in encounters with water.

  • Creative Marketing Strategies for Your Startup

    Top 5 Creative Marketing Strategies for Your Startup

    South of Metro | In order to outcompete others in your market, it might not be enough to just start spending more on your marketing than they’re spending. Sometimes, in order to achieve this, you need to find a way to outcompete them by being more creative than they are. This means using methods that they […]
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  • boost productivity

    5 Tips That Really Boost Productivity

    Figuring out how to achieve the pinnacle of productivity is probably a topic that’s been on the mind of every single entrepreneur that ever lived. Due to the fact that it’s such a major concern, there are so many theories and ideas, some of which are completely off track. For instance, a salary-centric motivation system […]
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  • eras

    First National Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Congress 2016

    via The Medical City | Save the Date! The First National Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Congress will be held on September 8, 2016 at The Medical City Augusto Barcelon Auditorium. For inquiries, you may send an email to erascoe@themedicalcity.com.
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  • [Photo via Lydia Mendoza, from FB Group The Silent Majority]

    This Group is Silent No More

    by Homerun Nievera | Some say that this year’s elections are like 1992 — during that year’s presidential elections when the Filipino people elected a minority president in Fidel V. Ramos. They said then that the so called silent majority spoke through the ballot on election day. But in today’s elections, there’s a twist to the story’s […]
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  • Friendship route access road to C5 extension from S. Marquez Road in Gatchalian Subdivision is now open. [Photo: Homerun Nievera]

    Friendship route cemented road to C5 extension now passable

    by Homerun Nievera | SouthOfMetro.com | Finally! After weeks of enduring the rough road from Gatchalian Subdivision in Las Pinas City to C5 extension, the long wait is finally over. It’s now passable! The cemented portion of the road which was the so called last mile connecting C5 to Gatchalian, was opened to motorists last […]
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  • (photo: screengrab from youtube)

    Bus commuter held-up at knife point on a morning ride in EDSA

    by Homerun Nievera | SouthOfMetro.com | My friend Bobby’s fiance, Faith, had a horrifying experience while commuting on a bus in EDSA last March 21, 2016. Let me share this with you for you to be aware of this modus. Here is what he wrote on her Facebook: This morning, I got on an aircon bus […]
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  • Tropical Hut's Rancho Ranchero Hamburger [Photo: Homerun Nievera]

    Loving that classic hamburger taste of Tropical Hut

    by Homerun Nievera | SouthofMetro.com | Yes, I’m a certified hamburger lover. And my choice for the top slot among fastfood chains is Tropical Hut. Any Generation-Xer urbanite who loves burgers will go back to the incomparable classic taste of Tropical Hut’s hamburgers. From the bare Tropical Burger to my all-time favorite — The Classic […]
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  • mumu1

    Strange Stories, Amazing Pics South of the Metro

    by Homerun Nievera | SouthofMetro.com | Ever since I was a kid and having lived in our house in Las Piñas City, our family has experienced strange happenings and have heard of similar stories from friends in our village. For many years, we have both believed and denied the spirits’ existence since nobody has really […]
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  • manor house baguio

    Camp John Hay’s The MANOR to honor Filipino Easter Traditions

    The MANOR at Camp John Hay honors the timeless Easter traditions that Filipinos look forward to this time of year. Celebrate the Savior’s triumphant entry to Jerusalem with Palm Sunday Mass marking the beginning of Jesus’ journey to the Cross on March 20, 2016, from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. at 19th T at The Forest […]
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  • Rejuvenate your soul with the Easter Serenade by known harpist Holly Angel Paraiso

    An EGGS-pedition to Remember at The Forest Lodge

    From art exhibits to giant egg painting to an eggs-citing egg hunt, The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay has prepared an eggs-tra special host of fun activities for the whole family this Holy Week. Easter fun starts on Palm Sunday, March 20, 2016 spanning until Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016. Filipino Lunch Buffet on […]
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