Ayala Alabang Saturday Market Finds

Ayala Alabang Saturday Market
Greens and Blossoms
Greens and Blossoms
Healthy 8 herbs drink
Healthy 8 herbs drink

by Lizette Barretto-Gueco, Foodfinds Asia.com |

Saturday is the day I wake up to with a purpose. This Saturday is no different. With food on my mind, I don my sneakers, my hat and my shades, gather my eco friendly marketing bags, have a glass of water and armed with my list from Yaya Pia, I’m off to the Ayala Alabang Saturday market together with hubby Enic, brother Joel and sis Janelle.  It is smaller than the other well-known weekend markets, but it serves the needs of the community quite well. Arriving at the peak of market rush hour, which is about between 7 and 8 am, there is a fiesta feel in the air.  The sights, the noise, the smells, never fail to titillate my already heightened senses.

As I enter the market, the first stall after the potted plants vendor, makes and sells my very favorite Healthy eight herbs drink. It is an organic powdered

beverage which contains ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, pandan, sambong, banaba, malunggay and pure honey with some brown sugar. This product is one of my best finds in the market.  People I have gifted it to, especially those abroad, swear by the healing properties they claim to benefit from it. From the flu, to stomach upsets, to joint pains, people, including myself, report feeling better after taking it hot. I buy a few packs and some of their pure honey to stock at home.

Guin's Baked Empanadas
Guin’s Baked Empanadas

Beside them is my friend Agnes Galindez-Macalinao of Greens and Blossoms, who propagates, grows and sells succulents and air plants.  What a wonderful display of flora! She gives me some tips on how to revive my dying cactus at home.

I head on over to my organic vegetable suki and am happy to see that the staff is wearing a cheerful green t shirt with the words “Ang mga gulay dito ay sari-sari!” Great marketing tactic! I proceed to choose my vegetables and pineapples, which are fresh as advertised and then go over to the counter to pick my salted red speckled eggs. So far, the best I’ve ever tried which they make themselves.

Satisfied with the service and the generous discounts, I mosey on over to Guin’s stall.  She sells the best baked chicken and tuna empanadas.  Her carrot loaves on display looked quite scrumptious too. I get my brother, Joel to buy a box of both the chicken and tuna empanada for merienda later.

After buying our amazing fruits from Pelican farms, fresh milk and quesong puti from Holly’s and frozen meat and seafood from Billie’s premium meats and seafood, it was time to haul our loot back home.  Oh what joy! A perfect way to spend a Saturday morning!

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Lizette Barretto-Gueco
Lizette Barretto-Gueco

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