Understanding the Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace

South of Metro | With technology constantly advancing, the way we work has transformed dramatically in the last few decades. The workplace is no longer viewed as a physical space and all the work happens in the digital realm. But what is it that makes a workplace digital? And what does it mean for the way we work? Read on to find out.

Access devices

Every modern company uses all kinds of software to in order to get work done. Not only this, but there are also platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which have become an extremely important part of running a business. It’s your employees’ job to use these platforms in their work but in the digital workplace, it’s your job to provide them with devices for doing so. This includes everything from good PCs in your office and personal laptops to smartphones that can be used on the go.

Online leadership

The digital workplace hasn’t only changed the game for employees. Business owners and managers are now tasked with leading their team in a different environment and it’s up to you to make sure the job is done right. Bear in mind that the majority of communication between you or your manager and your team now happens online and using the right software is a must. There are project management tools such as Jira and Office Timeline that have proven to quite popular in Australia and giving them a go is recommended.

Coworking spaces

The switch from the traditional workplace to the digital one has also eliminated the need for a “real” office. With your entire business interconnected on the web, you can operate from anywhere you want. This is exactly why coworking spaces have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. For example, you can now work in a coworking space in Melbourne while you have some of your employees operate from anywhere else in Australia from the comfort of their own home.

Digital security

Long gone are the days when the only security issue business owners had to deal with was keeping their office safe. With the data now being stored on the web, it’s even more important to invest in digital security of your business. Why? Well, the last thing you want to happen is for internet frauds to get their hands on your customers’ info. Fail to invest in digital security and not only there’s a chance your customers’ info will leak but your reputation will decrease significantly.

Smart data

Companies in every industry now have to rely on data as much as possible. After all, how else can you know how well your business is doing and whether there’s a need to make changes in your approach? The digital workplace is all about collecting that data and putting it in a good use. Employees are now presented with more data than ever before and they have to use it to keep boosting your operations. This also means there are all kinds of software for collecting and analyzing your company’s data.

Final thoughts

There’s no doubt technology and the internet have completely reshaped the business world we once knew. The role of the traditional office has been changed and it’s now all about interconnectivity and managing your business through the web and relying on software and data.