Top 5 Car Tuning Tips for First-Timers

Top 5 Car Tuning Tips for First-Timers 2020 - South of Metro
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South of Metro| Top 5 Car Tuning Tips for First-Timers |The simplest way to define the concept of tuning is to say that it’s an act of enhancing the performance of your vehicle and adjusting it to your own needs. It’s the act of giving your vehicle a personal stamp and customizing it to meet your own, individual needs. The biggest problem with this lies in the fact that it’s expensive and somewhat complex. After all, it requires you to develop an understanding of your car’s mechanical properties and working around them in order to enhance the vehicle. So, here are the top five car tuning tips that all first-timers should abide by.

Know your intentions

The thing that you need to start with is clearly stating your intentions. Not every aesthetic improvement does something in favor of your car’s performance but, then again, it really doesn’t have to either. A more stylish car is a reward of its own. Then again, more HP and better performance are a different story. So, start by figuring out your own intentions and goals.

Look for available information

The next thing you need to understand is that there are so many premium videos, e-books and courses on vehicle tuning that people are buying in order to learn about this field. The problem is that this is not necessarily a great investment. First, this will potentially cost you hundreds of dollars, while already being available online for free. So, either start following some free blogs, social media profiles and YouTube channels that specialize in this or get in touch with someone who already has experience in this field. This way, you save the money that you can invest in your vehicle.

Understand the engine

The most important thing you need to understand in order to be a better tuner is how the engine works. Simply put, the engine functions like an incredibly potent air pump. The more air that it processes, the more power it will be able to generate. What you’re aiming for is maximizing the amount of air in the engine and then having the appropriate air-to-fuel ratio (based on the type of fuel that your car is running). Other than this, you also need to understand timing and spark delivery. In other words, three major points of interest are air, fuel and sparks. Once you understand them better, you’ll be well on your way to upping your tuning game.

Choose the right supplier

Another thing you need to understand is that manufacturing various parts needed for tuning requires precision and reliability of the manufacturing process. This means that the cost isn’t your only concern. This is especially true if you plan more than one upgrade on your vehicle and you need to know that all these new installations can work in sync. For instance, we’ve already mentioned that air is crucial in the functioning of the engine. This inevitably leads you to the choice of a proper exhaust. Here, opting for a major retailer and developer like XFORCE provides you with all the quality assurance that you need.

Shop around for the right software

The next thing you need to understand is the fact that money is always a major issue. However, the most expensive option is not necessarily the best one. For instance, the platform for tuning should be determined based on the vehicle that you’re tuning. The appropriate tuning software can make a world of difference in both your practice and the end result. Also, each of these platforms has their own community and it’s definitely worth your while to check out a forum or two in order to see whether this is something that you should explore, as well.

Finally, you need to keep in mind that in order to be a great tuner, you don’t necessarily have to be an automobile engineer. Basic understanding of these processes and in-depth understanding of your model are really not that difficult to grasp. The more research you do, the better the end result will be. Other than this, get the right tools and start getting your hands dirty.

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