Make Your Car Look Factory Fresh With These 5 Tips

Make Your Car Look Factory Fresh With These 5 Tips 2020 - South of Metro
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South of Metro| Make Your Car Look Factory Fresh With These 5 Tips |Having a car is great. Your vehicle helps you in so many ways and getting attached to it is normal. This is why so many people don’t want to replace their car with a new one. So, don’t worry if this is the case with you. You don’t have to sell it, but you have to rejuvenate it. The best part of it is that you can make your car look factory fresh in a blink of an eye. Wondering how? Here are five tips you need to follow.

Start with the interior

Many car owners fail to maintain the interior of their car. Ironically, those are usually the ones who spend the most on the exterior. If you do the same, your car will never look factory fresh. In fact, if you want to return your car to the optimal condition, you need to start with the interior. Assess the state of your interior and identify any changes that have to be made. Are there scratches on your dashboard? Grab a new one. Are your seats worn out? Think about buying new ones or get seat covers that’ll hide the signs of wear.

Repair dents and scratches

Once you’re done with the interior, it’s time to start dealing with the exterior. For starters, look for dents and scratches on your vehicle and repair them. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to remove dents and scratches from the body of a car. The hot glue method is one of the best among them and it should help you make the body of your car look brand new. If you own an old car that has body parts made from metal, repairing dents and scratches will prevent rust and future damage.

Repaint the exterior

We already talked about fixing damage on the exterior of your car. However, if you feel the dents and scratches on your vehicle can’t be fixed, it means it’s time to apply a fresh coat of paint to it. This is also a smart thing to do if your current layer of paint seems worn out. While it can be done DIY-style, it’s better to have a professional get the job done for you. Talk to your local mechanic and see if the price fits your budget. Once you’re done painting, apply a clear coat to your car to protect the body from damage.

Don’t forget about regular maintenance

If you want your car to continue to look factory fresh, you have to take proper care of it. This means regular maintenance is half the job. Keeping your car in good running condition is a great way to make your car sound good and keep you safe on the road. Most importantly, check your oil and replace your filters from time to time. Buy quality car parts if you want your car to run well. For example, make sure you check out AEM induction systems if you need one. Maintenance like this helps your vehicle keep running way beyond its expected expiration date.

Clean windows inside and out

Another thing you can do to make your used car look new is to clean your windows inside and out. If you’re driving on a daily basis, chances are your windows aren’t in the best shape. This is why you might need a special cleaner to make them shine. Some car owners swear by newspaper and vinegar as the best windshield cleaner. If you’re into DIY, there’s no reason not to give this method a go.

Follow these five tips and you’ll make your car look great again in no time. The best part of it – you’ll spend way less than you would on buying a new four-wheeler.

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