Top 3 Reactions to Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War trailer

Photo via Youtube grab

by Kyla Camille | |

The much-awaited movie trailer of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War where the amazing Spiderman makes his debut for the movie series is out. Video shares have been going through the roof in the past week and we wanted to look into the audience’s reactions via our traditional Youtube search of the popular ones.

But first, here’s the much talked-about trailer:


#3: Collider Videos

Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis react and review the final trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. These two dudes are awesome reviewers, too, besides good “reactioneers.” Watch ’em:

#2: Tyrone Magnus

Tyrone Magnus is a popular “reactioneer” of movie trailers. For this movie, it seems he got on the review earlier than others. His facial expressions build up and are to look out for. More than 338,485 as of this writing, makes him the second as of this writing (it’s a close fight with Akasan!):

#1: Akasan

Akasan’s video reactions on various movies has been one of the most sought after because of his off-the-cuff comments. Mostly millennials probably view his comments based on how he delivers the video and the language he uses. His style is all-natural and on the witty and funny side. Here’s our current top gun “reactionioneer” with over 343,274 views as of this writing: