Metro Southeners can now access professional plumbing service from Roto-Rooter

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Whether you run restaurants, fast-food outlets, hotels or condominium units, your plumbing needs require different specializations. Roto-Rooter offers a tailor-fit preventive maintenance service for clients and customers in the residential, commercial and industrial markets, as these may require installation, repair, and maintainance of their plumbing and drain pipe systems.

Roto-Rooter was a brainchild of Samuel Blanc of West Des Moines, Iowa, who invented the world’s first Electro-mechanical drain cleaning machine; which resulted to simpler and faster procedure of removing obstructions in street drainage pipes. Since the establishment of the company in 1935, it became America’s largest Plumbing and Drain Cleaning service provider.

In the Philippines, the franchise of Roto-Rooter started in 1997 and had provided providing plumbing, drain cleaning, and emergency services to hundreds of satisfied customers, including various leading malls, department stores, fast food centers, industrial buildings, corporate offices and residential areas in Metro Manila, Northern & Southern Luzon, and Cebu.

Roto-Rooter offers four primary residential services that includes plumbing repairs, water tank and sump pit cleaning, grease trap maintenance, as well as drain care products.

“My kitchen sink clogged. At first, I asked a plumber to fix it but he could not solve the problem. My kitchen was stinking and I was very upset with the undesirable work of the plumber. Because of this, I decided to call Roto-Rooter. They pumped the kitchen sink and worked so efficiently. My kitchen sink was de-clogged and was not foul-smelling anymore,” shares Mrs. Dolly Yap, resident of Ayala Alabang Village.

Roto-Rooter has been in business long enough to be experienced as the best of the best in offering plumbing and drain cleaning services. The technicians have proved beyond any doubt that it is the best company in dealing with plumbing services. Their timely and efficient completion of any task has made many people believe in the services offered by the company.

Roto-Rooter workers were courteous and did their work in an organized manner,” Yap adds.

Aside from residential services, Roto-Rooter has an array of commercial services programs that large and small businesses can choose from. Its skilled commercial plumbers can deliver the following services: high-pressure water jetting, underground leak and line detection, video camera line inspection, automated drain care programs, grease trap and liquid waste pumping/hauling, backflow inspections and repairs, and sewer line replacement.

As internationally acclaimed restaurant Kenny Rogers Roasters affirms, “Roto-Rooter is a trusted service provider, prompt and easy to deal with. Most of all, a totally reliable business partner.