Rainbow, more than a Vacuum Cleaner, Lets You Breathe a Sigh of Relief

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Air pollution is one of man’s worst health adversaries. It triggers allergies, brings diseases, and aggravates existing medical conditions of people with asthma or emphysema. People suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease will surely be the first ones to feel the harmful effects of air pollution.

The air we breathe outside usually permeates our homes too, bringing harm to our loved ones. Much as we try to protect our home environment with the usual air purifiers and fresheners you buy from the mall, air pollution takes its toll on every one.

Did you know that 5 out of the Top 10 Killer Diseases in the Philippines are pulmonary in nature? In a 2014 data gathered from various online sources, these are Lower Respiratory Infections (3), Tuberculosis (5), Chronic Lung Disease (6), Asthma (8), and Lung Cancer (9). We can then assume that one of the major contributing factors for these diseases is air pollution. So how can we minimize, if not put a stop to it?

Having a clean home is a start. A clean and clear air in your home environment will surely make your house an oasis to come home to. But are you sure that there are no irritants left that will trigger asthma, colds and other diseases? Your home environment should be free from such harmful allergens and other airborne irritants. And there’s a unique cleaning system that does just that and more!

The Power of Water

One innovative product that’s already out in the market is the Rainbow Cleaning System, the ONLY vacuum cleaner CERTIFIED as an air purifier by the American Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). It’s been in the country way back in the 1980s. And over the years, and through word-of-mouth, it has gained a big following among households because of the efficiency and effectiveness they get from Rainbow.

Ordinarily, Rainbow looks like your usual vacuum cleaner with its sleek design and all the cleaning accessories and attachments. And yes, it IS a vacuum cleaner. BUT what sets it apart from your usual vacuum cleaners, is that this powerful cleaning system has a revolutionary function: it cleans and purifies the air at the same time!Rainbow Philippines, rainbow vacuum cleaner, power of water, vacuum cleaner

We all know that vacuum cleaners use air in order to do its job.And Rainbow does the same too, but more efficiently. The Rainbow uses Mother Nature’s most powerful element, water, as it’s first and main line of filtration. It uses the world’s most advanced filtration system that maintain constant airflow: (1) water bath that captures over 99% of household dirt; (2) separator, a dynamic filter designed to increase exposure of dirt to the water; and (3) hepa filter which is 99% efficient in capturing particles 0.3 mircons or greater in size.

Rainbow Philippines, rainbow vacuum cleaner, power of water, vacuum cleaner

Rainbow Cleaning System

The elements it has sucked in are filtered and neutralized, removing 100% of dirt and contaminants, including air that was used in the process. The by-product that is expelled by Rainbow in its exhaust is now purified air! You get clean air while cleaning your home… isn’t that neat?

Vacuuming and purifying the air. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone. And you also reap the benefits immediately! You and your family get to enjoy fresh and breathable air in your home, and you can rest easy without fear from harmful allergens that may cause diseases.

So give yourself and your family that clean home environment they deserve with Rainbow Cleaning System. For sure, you will definitely breathe a sigh of relief!