Stoops Ilocos Bagnet, Bringing Comfort from North to South

Stoops Bagnet Meal

Rod Gabriel |

What’s good about the South of the Metro is the plethora of good food hangouts along Aguirre and President’s Ave, in BF Paranaque.

If you go hungry, you’ll definitely not run out of choices as there are literally a lot of food hangouts in BF that you could go to.

For crispy pork lovers like me, one good place to go to is Stoops Ilocos Bagnet, along President’s Ave. Stoops is just a street cross away from the legacy branch of Tropical Food Mart and Hamburger restaurant that we southerners can relate to.


This is actually the first time for me to try the new Ilocos food craze that they call Bagnet (deep fried pork meat). As opposed to Lechon Kawali (which is quickly deep fried), Bagnet is deep fried slowly which makes the skin and meat crunchier than the former.

Stoops Menu

I ordered a Bagnet Meal with Rice, plus sidings of KBL (which stands for Kamatis, Bagoong and Lasuna, a small Onion variety). The special Ilocos condiments come as a plus for me, because you get the chance to have your cubed slices of Bagnet dipped in special Ilocano vinegar and other sauces.

Stoops Pancit

Jay Seneres, the brains behind Stoops Ilocos Bagnet was inspired to put up a restaurant that serves authentic Ilocano cuisine. Jay’s palate seems largely attached to the unique and delicious taste for Ilocano food.

Jay Seneres

Galen Cid, Jay’s friend and airline company colleague, invited him to spend their vacation at Galen’s hometown, in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. While there, Jay was exposed to the different tastes of Adobo Ilokano, Igado, Dinengdeng and Pinakbet. Jay’s palate drew a liking to Bagoong, Ilocos Empanada, Sukang Ilokos and a lot more.

Due to the lack of restaurants that serve Ilocano food in Manila, Jay and Galen decided that they open one. With a sound business plan, good products  and good business presentations, Stoops Ilocos Bagnet was born.

If ever you’re wondering what Stoops mean, Stoops is a monicker which Jay and Galen use to call one another in the airline industry.

If you are looking for the most affordable, most delicious comfort food in this side of the metro, Stoops Ilocos Bagnet BF Paranaque is the place to go to.

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