Ghosts of Intramuros: Back to where it all began

by Randy Topacio | South of Metro |

It was a good day to have breakfast with my family. My wife decided to go back to the coffee shop in Intramuros with my mom and daughter who wanted to see where I took the photo of a 16th Century Soldier, Nuns, Katipuneros and women with their balloon dress.

While waiting for our order, I decided to show her the ramp leading atop the wall where I took the Viral photo of a 16th Century Spanish Soldier. I sort of gave her a short tour and brief history as we went around the area.

I took this shot at the same spot where I took the photo of ghosts of the 16th Century in Intramuros. This is how it looked like during the daytime.


We walked towards the prison cells and to where the Katipuneros once stood in the picture below.



Beyond the prison cells, as we walked further down the road, we saw this building at the end of the road. The road tees to the left and to the right. Is this the same structure seen in the photo with the Katipuneros? This is way beyond my line of sight from the place I took the daytime photo.


I took several pictures of the place. It was awesome how a fortress like this was built.


The walls made of adobe blocks and cement and are so wide that a truck could run over it. My estimate is around 6 to 10 meters wide.


The lone watch tower is about a meter in diameter. There is just enough room for one person to stand in it.

This Watch tower looking over the moat along Buluarte de Dilao. This is the lone eyes of the first line of defense of Intramuros.

I took this shot of the other side of the walkway with the prison cells on the right. I made sure no one was around.


Then I took a souvenir shot with my daughter just a few seconds after along the prison cells.


OMG, even during the daytime I seem to have captured something at the end of the walkway.

Now tell me. Is this for real? You decide.

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