Something colorful this summer at SM Southmall

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There’s something colorful at SM Southmall this April.

Join the SM Southmall Summer Art Fest from April 22 to 30, from 10am to 6pm, at the Foodstreet Atrium!

Explore your hidden art talent by joining their color and lettering workshops and activities such as:

  • Adult coloring
  • Wall art
  • Mandala wall
  • Calligraphy board
  • Digital graffitti wall

From 1pm to 6pm, you can learn a variety of new craft and art skills from the experts on the following:

  • Art and crafts
  • Construction
  • Funny faces
  • Drawing animals
  • Flower drawing
  • Learning the Color Wheel
  • Drawing fruits

On April 23 and 24, April 29 and 30, from 1pm to 6pm, you will learn from the masters via special workshops:

  • Street art from Rai Cruz: April 23
  • Pop art from Qudo: April 24
  • Oriental art with Sigmund Torre and Takkako Sano: April 29
  • Cultural art with Geloy Concepcion: April 30

Learn different art styles from different influences and be on your way to creating your next masterpiece.

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