Why Food Tripping in the South happens here

Food Trip at Robinsons Las Pinas City
This gourmet black burger is your for only 100 pesos. Find out where this is!
This gourmet black burger is yours for only 100 pesos. Find out where this is!

by Homerun Nievera | SouthofMetro.com |

It was a warm Friday night. A week before payday. They call it “araw de peligro.” The day when salaried people scrimp on whatever is left of their money.

But when you’re in the south (of the metro), there is only one thing that matters. It’s a weekend. It’s chill time.

So where to go?

Food Trip.

That’s the name of the weekend food bazaar that happens on weekend nights (Friday to Sunday) at the parking lot of Robinsons in Las Pinas City. And why not?

The food and drinks here are a happy mix at reduced prices than in other areas. Thus, even if it was araw de peligro, the place was teeming with diners from different demographics.

The SouthOfMetro.com team visited Food Trip and took an intimate look at each concessionaire and the food that they offer.

Craving for grilled seafoods?
Craving for grilled seafoods?

The team also took time to interview the owners — partners Aaron Zipagan and Japz Cadelina — for a deeper insight on what makes this southern food bazaar successful despite it’s being new in the food bazaar circuit.

What we got were not only answers, but a true-to-life food trip and a unique experience of southern life in one food bazaar. As people in the south know, that lifestyle is a “chill” one.

And why is that?

These guys are authentic southerners.

Instead of loud music, the partners thought of acoustic music. Not too loud as southerners want to take time and talk while chilling with their friends and favorite drink. In fact, Food Trip not only serves the typical iced tea and beer, they also serve cocktails.

The so called pulutan are also a variety from whatever type you fancy. They’ve got charcoal grilled seafoods and steaks, deep fried favorites to streetfood, and one of the main attractions — bacon barbeque from concessionaire LOL (Lord of Liempo). All in al fresco dining!

That evening, we experienced how southerners gimmick. Families, friends and office co-workers filled the place by 8pm. Food Trip was jampacked by 9pm.

With a combination of good food, cold drinks, chill music and great company, how can you go wrong?

And since it’s at the parking lot of Robinsons Las Pinas, the place is easy to find.

You know what? Don’t take our word for it. Go there yourself. Bring the gang with you!

Food Trip happens Fridays to Sundays, from 5pm to 12 midnight.

Our experience in video, here: