How Not to Land in the Emergency Room During Christmas Season

by Homerun Nievera, |

Partey! Partey! Partey! <party!>
Dr. Anthony Leachon (photo from his Facebook account)
Dr. Anthony Leachon (photo from his Facebook account)

December first ushers in the Christmas Party season. It’s also the time of year when many are rushed into hospital emergency rooms from cases of food poisoning and heart attack. Yes, it’s true!

During a conversation with my doctor, top cardiologist Dr. Anthony Leachon, I took some notes on his tips to remain healthy this season of joy. Here are some insights from Dr. Leachon:

What to Eat More

Dr. Leachon emphasized that eating a lot of these foods are ok: fish, veggies and chicken without the skin.  It seems to be almost the Atkins Diet to me but makes sense — no carbs. Red wine is alright but only up to one glass in a day. Drinking lots of water is essential. I learned that 15 glasses of water a day is best for detox.

What to Avoid (or eat less)

Basically, the foods to truly avoid are: sweets and carbs. I guess this goes for those with a sedentary lifestyle. But otherwise, these foods are ok to eat but in small portions. Other types of foods to avoid or eat less according to Dr. Leachon are meat and chicken with the skin. Soda or softdrinks are a no-no. Alcohol in general should be avoided.


This merely stands for Exercise, Weight Control and Diet.

Doc Tony advises everybody to maintain our body weight or better yet, reduce our weight this season, especially for those who have maintenance medicines already. He also advocates a daily regimen of exercise that allows mobility for at least 30 minutes a day. As to our diet which was discussed briefly above, like anything else in this world, everything is ok but in moderation. Smoking is a no-no especially for those with hypertension.

For those with maintenance medicines, always be religious in taking them.

Enjoy the parties, but drink moderately!