Tech Solution for Optimal Productivity Boost

Optimal Productivity Boost

There are more than several ways to boost your productivity, ranging from reorganizing the way in which you work all the way to getting new ways to stay motivated. Nevertheless, sometimes your productivity can be improved through the actual tools that you use. These tools come both in the form of software and hardware, but what makes them ideal is the fact that they give you a reliable productivity boost. For instance, offering a raise may make some people work harder, while others may remain unaffected, yet, installing a Wi-Fi charger (which we will shortly discuss) is something that will provide you with a universal productivity boost. Here are several such solutions.

  • Wireless charging

People in your office work from a series of devices, some of which require constant charging. We’re mostly talking about laptops, tablets and smartphones. The harder you work the quicker the battery gets depleted, which makes people fight for those few power sockets that are still available. One way in which you can solve this issue is by investing in a wireless charger. While some may believe this technology still to be in its infancy, a gadget as sophisticated as Wi-Charge is more than office-ready.

  • Amazon Echo

Hiring a virtual assistant is a frugal, pragmatic and digital alternative to having a real assistant. Nonetheless, there’s something even cheaper, more practical and high-tech than this. We’re, of course, talking about Amazon Echo. Simply speaking, this is nothing more than a hands-free speaker that you can use to communicate to the VI known as Alexa Voice Service. This is great for both offices and telecommuters working from home. Sure, even if you’re not using this gadget for business purposes, it can still make your life a lot easier.

  • Noise-canceling headphones

The next thing you need is to find a way to insulate yourself from outside noises and one of the most efficient ways for you to do so is with the help of quality noise-canceling headphones like Focal Utopia. The best thing about this method lies in the fact that you don’t have to depend on the professionalism of your colleagues, nor will you feel the need to shush anyone. Essentially, all you have to do is purchase this gadget and have one of the biggest productivity killers solved once and for all. In other industries, having a quality audio device is even more important.

  • Time management apps

Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re working 24/7 yet nothing is actually getting done. This is because you may be unaware of some of the major time-wasters in your daily routine. We’re talking about instances where you spend time on social media or YouTube instead of working. We all know that situation where you intend to see a brief 4-minute long video on YouTube, then another one, only to snap out of it two hours later. The problem, nonetheless, lies in the fact that you might be completely unaware of some of your biggest time-wasters. With the right time management app on your side, you’ll finally get a chance to face the facts.

  • Multi-device keyboard

The last item on this list that we have to discuss is a multi-device keyboard. This can turn out to be a life-saving gadget in a scenario where you’re using a smartphone, a tablet and a computer, yet, still feel the most comfortable with typing on a keyboard. This amazing device can provide you with an opportunity to stay within your comfort zone while working across several devices.


In the end, you need to understand that these tech solutions come in different forms and formats. Their efficiency in boosting productivity depends on your personal needs, aspirations and preferences. Nonetheless, when used properly, they can make a huge difference.