Discover an Award-Winning Italian Boating Experience with Azimut Yachts Z

Discover an Award-Winning Italian Boating Experience with Azimut Yachts Z

South of Metro | Discover an Award-Winning Italian Boating Experience with Azimut Yachts Z | Over the years, more and more Filipinos have discovered the sheer pleasure of helming motor-powered sea vessels. While many among the country’s boating cognoscenti are on the lookout for sailboats, others may be seeking a boating experience that is faster and more powerful, on top of being luxurious. Those who are new to the boating hobby may wonder: what name can be relied on for craftsmanship and experience that’s worth the price? One of the answers they’ll probably get from those who are in the know is “Azimut Yachts, ”an Italian motorboat brand that is easily one of the most esteemed in the world of boating.  

Read on below to learn more about the brand, its most recent achievements, and why it will satisfy the needs of Filipino boat buyers. You can find all the important information here, as well as on the website of Azimut Yachts Philippines.

About the Azimut Benetti Group

Azimut Yachts is one of the world’s most decorated names when it comes to luxury motor yachts. It is overseen by the Azimut Benetti Group, which is the world’s leading high-end megayacht builder and the largest private group in the international yachting sector. Along with Azimut Yachts, the Azimut Benetti Group’s family of brands includes Benetti Yachts, Yachtique, Lusben, Marina di Varazze, and the Royal Yacht Club Moscow. The group prides itself on its varied fleet of fine watercraft, all of which fulfill a plethora of expectations among those who have made long-distance cruising and liveaboard boating their way of life. The flagship Azimut Yachts boats are manufactured in Italy in the most cutting-edge of boatyards. Discover an Award-Winning Italian Boating Experience with Azimut Yachts ZAzimut Yachts’ overarching philosophy of merging Italian beauty with technology is obvious in the boats’ design-and-tech-oriented craftsmanship. Aesthetic value, comfort, safety features, and technological innovations are what make up the DNA of every Azimut watercraft. But it isn’t only the boats that have a place on the world stage; the Azimut Benetti Group is known for producing inclusive and world-class yachting experiences for its customers.

The company puts a premium on the whole purchasing experience, which does not end with the boat’s acquisition. Part of what makes the Azimut Benetti Group famous around the world is the wide network of services at its disposal. Not only does Azimut Benetti conduct sales activities in 138 sites spread across 68 countries, they also have divisions that focus on financial services, yacht management, and the development of marina facilities. 

For every aspect of the yachting experience—from boat manufacturing and sales, to cruising and mooring, to repairs and aftersales support—Azimut Benetti commits to solid leadership, clear strategic planning, and shared passion with customers for a wonderful life at sea.    

Recent Milestones for the Azimut Benetti Group

Thanks to the Robb Report, an American magazine that covers luxury lifestyle products like cars, jets, and yachts, there’s praise anew for the Azimut Benetti Group. Two of its models were named in the publication’s “Best of the Best” list for luxury sea vessels, which was revealed in the magazine’s June 2020 issue. 

Benetti, one of the group’s historic brands, was recognized for its Luminosity model, which was chosen by the Robb Report as its favorite Giga yacht. The 107.6-meter (352.9-foot) was praised for its creative design and advanced, eco-friendly hybrid propulsion system. The Luminosity runs on diesel-electric engines and dual 2,200 KW Azipod propulsion systems. The vessel’s power supply system can also charge her 36 tonnes of lithium-polymer batteries, which can fuel her for 12 hours without a generator. When she runs on her batteries, she also does so with no emissions or engine noise. 

The Luminosity stands out for her palatial four-deck design and plumb bow. Her exterior styling was done as a collaboration between Azure Yacht Design, Zaniz Jakubowski, Reymond Langton Design, and Giorgio M. Cassetta. She is characterized by her floor-to-ceiling-windows, which cover almost 9,000 square feet of her exterior. These only serve to further emphasize her grand scale, which becomes even more evident when she’s berthed alongside smaller vessels in a marina.  

Her stunning and opulent interiors were also done by Zaniz Jakubowski, and they incorporate glass and up to 1,200 feet of vivid electronic panels. Distinctive features include a hydro-massage tub in the master suite, sea terraces, a full gym, a counter-flow pool, and a boardroom among others. This Giga yacht has PYC classification, which means she can be used as a passenger yacht to accommodate 27 people across 12 suites. She also has enough space to house two cars and a sailing boat up to 24 feet long, as well as a helicopter.   

The smaller Azimut Verve 47 by Azimut Yachts, on the other hand, was hailed as the Robb Report’s best in the day cruiser category. There are obvious hints of her Italian pedigree in her design, which was spearheaded by Francesco Struglia. However, she also possesses an offshore hull and 450 HP outboards by Mercury Racing,  which speak more of her American provenance. After all, it was Florida-based yacht designer Michael Peters who designed her to be able to handle powerful rolling waves, even at almost 100 kph. 

The Azimut Verve 47 was described by Azimut USA’s president Federico Ferrante as “the ultimate boating machine” during the 2020 Miami Yacht Show. According to Ferrante, the owner of a Verve 47 will experience “pure adrenaline when driving” at the helm, like that of a super sports car. She can comfortably cruise in the 92 kph (50-knot) range, and at this speed, passengers will get the thrilling feeling of oneness with the sea. 

The Verve 47 is extremely fun to lounge around in as well. On deck, she sports an outdoor kitchen with her own flat-screen TV. Inside, she has a comfy salon, a second galley, two staterooms, and an elegantly furnished head and shower. Lastly, she pays tribute to her Italian heritage and her country’s love for fine wine with her own wine cooler. She is sure to make a splash as Azimut’s latest day boat offering. 

Discover Italian Luxury Motor Yachts in the Philippines 

Filipino boating connoisseurs can get their own taste of Azimut Yachts’ brand of luxury right here in the Philippines. If you are looking for a motor yacht between 24 and 120 feet, you can inquire at Europa Yachts Philippines. Explore Azimut’s Flybridge, S, Magellano, Atlantis, and Grande collections and narrow down your options. Choose luxury, freedom, and state-of-the-art cruising experiences—all of which are worthy of their accolades—with Azimut Yachts Philippines.