Discovery Suites: This is Home

Discovery Suites 2020-South Of Metro
Two-Bedroom Suite

SouthOfMetro|Discovery Suites: This is Home|February 2020 (Manila, Philippines) – Discovery Suites welcomes another year of warm Filipino hospitality that feels like home, where every engagement brings a meaningful impact and every touch is product of utmost care. Being the pioneering homegrown brand of Discovery Hospitality, Discovery Suites continues to let guests experience and embrace the world-renowned ‘Service that’s All Heart’.


Bannering with the title “This is Home”, Discovery Suites acknowledges four key pillars that has been essential to creating that feeling of being home──people, product, experience, and community. It’s the dedicated people behind Discovery Suites, also referred to as homemakers, living up to the promise of giving “Service that’s all Heart,” building the foundation of a home. It’s the innovative product and creations specially crafted that exude a touch of home. It’s the personalized experiences which amount to curated meaningful moments that make each stay unforgettable.  Lastly, it’s the Discovery Team’s spirit of unity with the community shown by coming together to support a cause.


As Discovery Suites commemorates another milestone this year, they continue to live up to their legacy of being the preferred address of business, and travelers by providing a place guests can call home. 


Tasteful Celebrations

Setting the trend for an entirely different celebrations experience, guests are invited to spend intimate gatherings to celebrate their special occasions through a tasteful staycation that boasts luxurious comfort and style. 


Spend the night in a fully-decorated Two-Bedroom or Three Bedroom Suite complete with in-room dining service of 22 Prime’s Signature Steak Platter. Bond over a pastry indulgence and cap off the worry-free celebration with a wine toast, all including in this #SteakCation. The elevated celebration experience starts at PHP 20,000 nett. Valid from February 21, 2020 – November 15, 2020 only.


Exclusive Events at 22 Prime

With the opening of 22 Prime as a venue for exclusive events, Discovery Suites also becomes the home for festive celebrations. Choose between two one-of-a-kind dining experiences that will surely take guests on a gastronomic discovery. 


Savor Premium Steak Carvery, a buffet featuring 22 Prime’s signature dishes and sides with the highly acclaimed USDA Prime Rib Carving Station; or have experience distinct tastes with a 7-course degustation and wine pairing called Tasting Notes. Prices start at PHP 2,500 nett.


22 Prime Special Anniversary Sharing Platter

Discover why 22 Prime is considered as the meat-lover’s mecca! Marvel over an abundance of mouthwatering savory selections with this Special Anniversary Sharing Platter that features a combination of their best-selling signature dishes and sides. 


In celebration of Discovery Suites’ Anniversary, Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon has handpicked 20 of his beloved creations to craft this sampler that is perfectly suited for big groups. The platter comes with complimentary Soup of the Day and Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Highlight entrees include Grilled Mixed Seafood, Lamb Chops, Cajun Porkchops, and Signature Steak Platter. 


Join in the year-long celebration and have a feast with the 22 Prime Anniversary Special Platter that is good for 10 persons for PHP 11,150 nett.


20 Treats at Restaurant 5 

Journey through a wide array of original gourmet creations as Restaurant 5 kick starts another year with the launch of their Top 20 Treats. Guests must watch out for daily features of signature dishes and pastries.  


The 20 Treats from Restaurant 5 are composed of signature dishes such as Fish Florentine, Slow Roast Beef Belly, Sisig Sotanghon, Grilled Tuna Belly, and Bangus Sisig. Signature pastries include Ube Pandesal, Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Yema Cake, Red Velvet Pandesal, and Ube Cheesecake.


Try out these original creations and eat until your heart’s content! Restaurant 5 breakfast buffet is valued at PHP 973 nett while Local Lunch Buffet is valued at PHP 650 nett. 


Signature Cake: Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Relish the flavor of this luscious cheesecake lightly drizzled with caramel and sea salt in every celebration this year. Discovery Suites makes their Anniversary even sweeter as they hail Pastry Chef Alvin Lucero’s Salted Caramel Cheesecake as the official Anniversary Cake. Originally available solely in 22 Prime as a specialty dessert, guests can now rediscover this highly delectable showstopper as a featured item in Restaurant 5’s buffet or as a complimentary cake with every Tasteful Celebrations booking. 


Signature Cocktail: Sunset Sour

An unforgettable toast is underway as we meld the two greatest things the 22 Prime Lounge has yet to offer—an ice-cold cocktail and a view. Taking inspiration from the picturesque view of the setting sun, the Lounge introduces its new signature cocktail called Sunset Sour. Fashioned after a traditional whisky sour, the Sunset Sour is Resident Sommelier Giolo Racelis’ take on the classic cocktail.  He mixes fine whisky into a sweet and sour citrusy blend which creates the perfect balance between aroma, texture and flavor. 


Cheers to another fruitful year for Discovery Suites with this signature cocktail valued at PHP 250.


Experience and embrace the signature brand of Discovery Hospitality, and find your second home. Discovery Suites is located at 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For more information, please call (+632) 7719 8888 or email


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22 Prime’s Signature Steak Platter
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Lechon Kawali at Restaurant 5
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Salted Caramel Cheesecake
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Sunset Sour at 22 Prime Lounge