The Best Ways to Add a Family Room to Your Home

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SouthOfMetro|Your home may have been the perfect size and with an ideal layout when you bought it. However, maybe your family has more members now, or your children need some extra space for themselves, leaving you with insufficient space for family time in your own home. If this is the case, building a family room addition to your home may be the perfect solution for you. Here are some ideas on how it can be done.

Remodel your attic

If you have plenty of space in your attic, but you currently only use it to store things that you’ll probably never need again, you can clear it out and turn it into a family room of your dreams. The important thing is that you connect the attic to the rest of your home with a stairway, but also that you install some windows. Not only will they provide your family room with enough natural light, but they should also be big enough to serve as emergency exits. Furthermore, make sure that you do the remodel in accordance with all the regulations, since one of the requirements will probably relate to the height of the roof above the newly-created room. So, study those regulations carefully to stay on the safe side and to avoid having to pay any fines.

Use your patio

Although this option may require a bit more work, it’ still a great way to add some square footage to your home and get the family room you need. You will need to enclose it by building walls and a roof above them, while paying special attention to the stability and the safety of the new space. Fortunately, this is now quite easy to do and it doesn’t even take much time, since you can get a quality pre-fabricated steel frame in the dimensions you need to support the structure you’re building and enable you and your family to feel secure in your home. It would also help if your patio is directly accessible from your home, and if it isn’t, it’s simply another problem you’ll have to solve once you start the renovation.

Repurpose your garage

If your garage is attached to your home, this can be one of the simplest options for you, especially if you don’t actually use your garage to park your car inside it. After all, you’ve already got a construction with walls and a roof, but if your garage doesn’t have big enough windows, you may have to add some. Also, you can consider whether to leave the garage door as it is, or remove it and put up a wall in its place. And in case you really need your garage to park your vehicle, you can add another floor to it and create a room above it. It may not be a practical place for a family room, but perhaps you can turn it into a bedroom for one of your kids, and then simply repurpose their old room into a family-friendly one. 

Add another floor to your home

This may sound like a pricey venture, but it can add a lot of value to your home in case you decide to sell it one day. In the meantime, not only can you get your family room, but maybe even another bedroom and a bathroom if you’re smart. It simply depends on whether you’ll add the second floor above the entire area of your home, or just one part of it. However, before you start doing any work, make sure you consider all the pros and cons, that you have a good project and that you talk to experts and find out if your foundation can hold the additional floor and if your walls are stable enough for it. There are many different options for adding another room to your home, so consider these and you may just end up with the perfect room for your family to spend quality time in.