Bake and Brew Cafe — The ‘Little Gem’ of Better Living

by Anton Padua, |

It was Edna’s passion for baking that led to the birth of Bake & Brew Café. It is a neighbourhood coffee shop located at 24E Saudi Arabia Street, Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque City. When Edna and I had the opportunity to make things happen, our young leaders from our Catholic renewal community who are interior designers, architects and multimedia graduates helped us put into reality our dream coffee shop. Bake & Brew Cafe had its successful opening last September 08, 2013, officiated by our priest friend and witnessed by family and friends.

As we had envisioned, Bake & Brew has a cool, refreshing & a cozy ambiance with a mix of modern and vintage look.  Thanks to all our friends who helped us put up the shop because we have constantly been receiving good feedback about how relaxing and refreshing it is to be at Bake and Brew!

Caramel latte and cinnamon roll

The interior of Bake and Brew & the shop during night time

Edna organized all the cake recipes that she had developed and mastered all these years and together with our desire to offer quality and home-made cakes & cupcakes, we harnessed our knowledge in the coffee business by hiring an expert in this field and presto, we now have a coffee shop that offers one of the best coffees, cakes and cupcakes in this part of the metropolis!

Bake & Brew logo

The Vision of Bake & Brew

During special occasions at home, Edna and I wanted a special cake.  We got tired of those highly commercialized cakes available in the market and would always look for cakes that are home-made and something personalized.  As our regular supplier started to become bigger and getting more commercialized, we noticed that the quality of the cakes we were buying from them were also being compromised.  Therefore, our vision for Bake & Brew is to offer home-made cakes with uncompromised quality to satisfied and regular customers. Edna has always been very particular about the quality of the cake she makes and this is the same personality that we have built for Bake & Brew.

The Best Sellers at Bake & Brew

Through the years, Edna has researched and developed those recipes that are somewhat different from what are available in the market.  We have these two unique cupcakes that you can hardly find in any of those shops in the metropolis. They are Chocolate Wasted Cupcakes and Ferrero Cupcakes. We call it chocolate wasted cupcake because a lot of chocolates are “wasted” on it. It is moist chocolate cupcake with American Buttercream drizzled with melted chocolates topped with Hersheys and Twix. Ferrero Cupcake, on the other hand, is also a chocolate cupcake with one whole Ferrero chocolate inside. Its icing is Swiss Nutella Buttercream topped with half Ferrero chocolate!  Together with our red velvet cupcakes, they are the best sellers at Bake & Brew!

The carrot cake at Bake & Brew may look like just any other carrot cake but once you get to have a taste of it, you will realize how simple yet creamy and authentic our carrot cake is.  We also have other cakes available such as chocolate moist cake with caramel filling, blueberry cheesecake and oreo cheesecake. We also have other cakes available like our one-of-a-kind banana cake and the traditional butter cake but available upon order only.


Various treats from Bake and Brew: freshly baked breads, sandwiches, salads and pasta dishes

We used to buy the breads of our sandwiches from external suppliers but its unstable supply and with our desire to offer fresh and quality products, we thought about making our own breads.  Customers have noticed how soft and how fresh our sandwiches are and it is because we bake our own breads practically on the day that you ordered them!  We also serve selected pasta dishes and salads that are healthy and fresh!

What Is Next for Bake & Brew?

We have been receiving a lot of inquiries for cakes on special occasions such as anniversaries, baptism, birthdays and even for weddings. At first, Edna was reluctant about accepting orders of personalized cakes especially full fondant cakes. Because of the persistent inquiries and the possibility of making this as the niche market for Bake & Brew, Edna decided to learn the ropes of making fondant cakes from the internet.  We decided to do the cake of the daughter of our nephew who was celebrating her birthday for free!  The next time we know it, we have been busy doing cakes for occasions such as engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms and weddings!  We have been actively present on Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter and so with our pleased customers and if someone asks as to who supplies very good personalized cakes and cupcakes in the neighbourhood, chances are, two or more neighbours would suggest Bake & Brew!

Bake & Brew has been doing personalized cakes for all special occasions. In photo: 5 Seconds of Summer or 5 SOS cake

Bake & Brew has a seating capacity of twenty people and is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Thursday and from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday to Sunday. Our contact numbers are 7388427 and you can like and message us on Facebook, Bake and Brew Café.