7 Things to Remember Before Visiting a Dubai Water Park

Laguna Dubai Water Park

South of Metro | Visiting a Dubai Water Park is surely one of the things you want to do when your family comes for a visit. There are so many parks and resorts to visit and a lot of attractions to see, which is why it’s important to plan before your actual trip. To make sure that you get the most of your visit, here are a few things you need to remember:


  • Know the rules. Each water park has its own rules and regulations. So, you need to be aware of them, whatever park or resort you choose to visit. This is to avoid any problems during your visit. You wouldn’t want to be interrupted, or worse, get embarrassed when a member of the staff calls out your attention just because you didn’t follow one of their rules. Some common ones are wearing the appropriate clothing, observing safety at all times (i.e. no diving, no running around the pool, wearing a life jacket and wristband, etc.), respecting the park’s premises, paying regular admissions, and more. 



  • Get familiar with the directions. Before going to the site, you should already be familiar with the directions on how to get there. This will save you time rather than just figuring this out while you’re on your way there. You won’t be able to enjoy the water park if you arrived there late and you only have a few hours to spare. It would also be great to know the directions when you’re inside the park, like knowing where to find the best slides. Get a map of the place to know how to get around it as quickly as possible. 



  • Prepare your belongings. Get packing! Make a checklist of all the things you need to have inside the waterpark. Sometimes, it’s hard to get out to the parking lot and find your car if you forgot something important. And other parks don’t allow their customers to get out once they’re in. It would be good to separate your things – one bag for the things you need to bring inside the park and another for the other stuff you need to bring for the trip. Some essentials to bring are easy-to-eat food (if allowed by the park), water bottles, sunscreen lotion, shades, hat, and swimming attire.



  • Discuss your plan with the rest of the family. Some water parks are so huge that it would be hard to find a lost family member. So, having a plan would help. For example, you should have plans on what to do during a specific time, or where would you be having your lunch, or where to meet after riding a slide, or where to stay in case someone is lost, or where to get help from. These plans are very important especially if you have kids with you, and they should be explained to them very carefully.  


  • Make a reservation. Water parks are full-packed especially during holidays. You don’t want to risk your time and effort going there and end up not getting accommodated. So, rather than being a walk-in, get a reservation through their website or their contact numbers. When doing a reservation, check the dates that are most convenient for you, travel and budget-wise. Check out their opening and closing times to help with your planning. Also, some parks close for special occasions so make sure you check out for such announcements before booking your visit without assistance or confirmation from the staff.

  • Prepare your budget. There are so many things you can do in a water park. And the best way for you to enjoy it is to prepare a budget for it. There are a lot of rides to choose from, and you might want to try every one of them, so be prepared for it financially. Also, there are a lot of food establishments to try, from small restaurants to cafes, to hot dog stands, etc. A good way to save is to check for discounts and coupons. Some water parks give these away during their anniversaries or if there are special events that they’re about to host. 


  • Checkout nearby establishments. This is important especially if you don’t live near the area. It’s important to know what establishments are near the water park, in case there’s an emergency, like where is the nearest bank, or what’s the nearest hospital, or if you need a place to stay after the day’s activities, then it’s good to look for hotels nearby because, after an exhausting day, you’ll want to stay in bed and rest. 


Visiting water parks is worth it, especially if you’re doing it with your family. But to make the most of your visit, remember to do all things mentioned to avoid unwanted occurrences and just experience one of the moments a water park in Dubai has to offer.