Ways for a Musician to Create a Sense of Continuity in These Uncertain Times


SouthOfMetro.com | Ways for a Musician to Create a Sense of Continuity in These Uncertain Times | The new normal conditions that the world is adjusting to have certainly altered people’s priorities or ideas of what’s valuable. Many find that many jobs have become entirely irrelevant in the professional realm because of the current restrictive circumstances. 

However, a lot of what used to be mere hobbies or interests for many have morphed into reliable income-generators. 

For instance, some tech-savvy musicians, whose talents were initially deemed non-essential, learned that what they offer is more valuable now than ever before. This is due to how a lot of people say that music is their source of inspiration and provides a vital sense of continuity in these uncertain times. 

Therefore, these people like to scour the Internet for the work of professional musicians and artists.

Alternative Income Streams

Aside from being a reliable source of comfort during these times. Smart musicians have come to learn that the shift to online operations can be quite beneficial for them, too. 

Many of them now place their work on the Internet, and they are blessed with a good variety of income opportunities that can earn them money more steadily than their live gigs.  

That being said, music is both an essential and luxury during these unusual times. Therefore, if you’re a professional musician whose traditional livelihood has taken a blow because of the global pandemic, take a cue from the many online musicians thriving these days. So, what exactly can you do to stay afloat financially by continuing with your craft?

1. Continue to stage performances

As mentioned earlier, you can still hold live gigs. This is what the performing arts world is doing to survive through these times. Continue doing what you do well and present it on the Internet. 

If you had been putting off starting a YouTube channel, now is the time to do so. There are so many incredible bands that put together performances for an eager audience. 

The Hindley Street Country Club band, for instance, collaborates with various musicians for lively performances. They generate millions of views with just a single song performance. You can have a similar path if you monetize your channel on YouTube.

With concerts being a no-go everywhere, avid concert-goers avoid stir-craziness by watching online performances. For sure, there will be people who’ll check out your performances, especially if you’re truly entertaining.

2. Teach

If you play instruments or sing professionally, you have the knowhow to share with those who dream of making music their livelihood. It should be easy enough to design lessons to meet the different learning levels of aspiring musicians or students. Some of the best platforms for online music classes are YouTube, Udemy, and SkillShare.

This is a genuinely worthy consideration. Many parents are encouraging their kids to study music as an extracurricular activity now that home-based online schooling is the standard system of education delivery in most parts of the globe. 

With music lessons, well-meaning parents believe that their young learners can avoid the stress of online school lessons and earn skills that can serve them well.

It’s important to note as well it’s not just young kids who want to learn. Those who finally found the time in their schedule to learn something new have chosen to study instruments. Plus, when you teach, sessions don’t have to be strictly lessons. On YouTube, learners can check out quick tips, tricks, or tutorials instead of depending solely on a learning series.

3. Offer reviews

Most consumers turn to the Internet for background information on potential purchases. Therefore, musicians like you are more than qualified to offer reviews on the instruments and other musical equipment that you know

For example, if you’re a guitarist, you can share your experience with popular acoustic guitars and compare them in terms of function and value. If you have some in your collection, you can even demonstrate the differences among these in-demand provisions.

It’s not just acoustic guitars that you can review as a guitarist. You can also give your two cents on trendy guitar accessories in the UAE. Perhaps, you can even show your audience how to use them to maximize their functionality. A lot of guitar enthusiasts will appreciate your insights as a professional on guitars and guitar accessories, especially now that most purchases are carried out online.

4. Blog or vlog

Blogging or vlogging (video blogging) is worth exploring, too. These are activities that can serve you and other people well. When you blog, you have the creative freedom to share your knowledge and skills, which can keep your profession interesting and relevant to yourself and your followers.

Write about your experiences and the lessons you learned in your job. You can likewise share your projects, such as a new song or a guitar design that you’re working on. With a blog or vlog, you share your thoughts and ideas. Hopefully, a lot of people will find the content you share relatable and follow you, so even the trivial things you do as a human being can contribute to your goal of moving forward.

5. Consider affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a bit tricky for industry professionals to pull off. However, if you believe in a product, this is an excellent way to earn a side income. Basically, with affiliate marketing, you use your different platforms to market products. You will then receive a commission for doing so.

As a professional musician, instrument and sound equipment brands may reach out to you. They will provide you with samples of their new offerings, and your job is to promote them. Most online personalities do this through unboxing videos, demonstrations, and reviews. The best perk of doing affiliate marketing is definitely the free products given out by companies, which you can also sell if you don’t need them.

These may be challenging times, but if there are people who can continue moving forward, it’s got to be creatives, such as musicians. 

With the alternative income-generators shared here, you don’t have to find a different profession like other people. Instead, you can grow your passion for music even more and explore many of its still-untapped potential as an art and livelihood.

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Amrit Shivlani is the Founder and CEO at Music Majlis, a community-driven e-commerce platform that offers a wide variety of musical instruments and equipment for every musician and sound professional. The company’s goal is to make music-making, recording, producing and mixing accessible and available to everyone.


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