5 Ways to Save Money When Dealing with Mechanics

Ways to Save Money
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South of Metro | 5 Ways to Save Money When Dealing with Mechanics | The biggest risk that you’re facing when dealing with a seasoned mechanic is the fact that you’ll have to do business with someone who knows a lot more than you do. So, if they say that something is broken, you often lack the knowledge to argue with them or dispute their claim. Sure, you can ask for someone else’s opinion, but if these opinions are conflicted, who do you trust? There are, however, several ways to figure out if the mechanic that you’re dealing with is trying to rip you off. Here are five tips to help you avoid this.

1. The old/new parts

If a mechanic tells you that you need to replace a certain part, you shouldn’t automatically assume that they’re 100% honest with you. Afterward, they might refuse to show you the receipt for the newly-acquired part or even refuse to show you the old part (the one they removed to install the new one). Why is that the case? Well, they might have used another old (but functional) part and charged you for a brand new one. They might not have replaced anything but charged you as if they did. This is something to be extra cautious of.

2. Don’t leave anything to the situation

Previously, we’ve mentioned that buying parts is when a dishonest mechanic has the greatest odds at deceiving you. So, why even give them this opportunity? Instead, you can inquire about the parts you need and order them yourself. Then, you can take the part to a mechanic and pay them only for the replacement/installation.

3. Shopping around

When a mechanic offers to charge you $X for an X service, you’re in a position to tell them that you have to think about it in order to buy some time and then look for similar services online. You can either contact other mechanics and ask for a quote or go on a site like Reddit or Quora in search of answers.

Here, you will encounter others with similar problems who will share their experience of how much it cost them to get the vehicle fixed. Also, keep in mind that these prices may vary depending on the region. For instance, if you need a new windshield and are located in the NSW area, looking for services offering windscreen replacement in Sydney is a sensible plan.

4. They’re using jargon and technical terms to confuse you

As we’ve stated in the introduction, your mechanic knows more about cars than you. Still, if they’re deliberately using complex technical terms and jargon, they might be hiding something. Another method that a dishonest mechanic will use is to try and say that the situation is too complex for a layman to understand. Sure, this industry is far from simple, but their reluctance to even try to explain the situation is somewhat suspicious. If they are reluctant to even try, something’s fishy.

5. Look up their reputation online

Our first piece of advice was about researching one’s online reputation, and it might be a good idea to keep riding this train a bit further. Now, there are several different things you can do here. First, you can look them up on various local databases and registries in order to check previous customer reviews. Keep in mind that these reviews aren’t always honest, accurate, or even reliable. Still, they are something that you can use as a reference point.

At the end of the day, the above-listed five tips are only there to help you pick the right mechanic and give you some time to gain trust in them. Once you trust them enough, you can afford to lower your guard a bit. The best thing about these five tips is that they really help you out when dealing with any other type of handymen. It’s a universal guide of not getting ripped off when dealing with professionals.