Mussvital’s Atopic Range is the Newest Dermatological Skin Care Brand in Singapore for Eczema-Sufferers

Mussvitals Atopic Skin Lotion
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29 October 2019, Singapore – Eczema is now Singapore’s most common skin disease, with the National Skin Centre seeing more than 18,000 cases of eczema in 2017. With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it is no wonder that Singapore has one of the highest rates of eczema in the world. Many doctors and dermatologists encourage the use of specially formulated skin lotions and soap-free cleansers to help treat eczema and alleviate the irascible symptoms. Mussvital’s Atopic range comprising a body lotion and a soap-free cleanser is perfect for the task of soothing and protecting skin affected by eczema.

Ezcema has many environmental triggers, such as dust mites, stress, pollution and the weather. People who suffer from eczema usually find that the condition presents as itchy, inflamed skin, or persistent scaly patches. This is why specialists always recommend moisturising as one of the key home treatments for the condition. Mussvital’s Atopic skin lotion is made up of a special blend of lipid-replenishing emollients, that include well-regarded plant-based ingredients such as shea butter and caprylic triglycerides. It also contains anti-itch and anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe irritated skin.

Skin specialist Dr Roland Chu advises eczema sufferers to be careful about the type of personal and skin care products they use.   Many of these products are not meant for people with  sensitive skin or eczema.  “Many skin cleansers contain soap as a cleansing agent.   Soaps can strip out the lipid and moisture content from skin – leaving it dry and vulnerable to irritants and allergens.    People who suffer from eczema have compromised skin that is unable to protect itself from the environment.    It is therefore paramount to choose a cleanser that does not contain soap or chemicals that can trigger skin reactions”.

Says Chris Chua, founder of Aenon Pharmaceuticals SEA, the brand’s representative in Singapore: “Mussvital’s shower gel is soap-free and contains gentle emollient ingredients that are derived from plants, which makes it great for eczema-prone skin. The omission of sensitising ingredients is the reason why Mussvital’s cleanser is so gentle on the skin. People who love a good, bubbly lather will also rejoice to hear that Mussvital’s cleansers lather up extremely well too, even though it does not contain soap!”

What makes the Atopic range so effective at soothing eczema-prone skin is the inclusion of naturally active ingredients that will calm itchiness and redness: Phragmites kaka and Poria cocos. The two products in the Atopic range also contain the ingredient xylitol, which regulates microbial imbalance on the skin by specifically targeting the S. aureus bacteria – a bacteria that can aggravate eczema symptoms if present on the skin.

There is also a Sensitive range available for people with sensitive to normal skin. The Sensitive range is based on the same gentle yet effective dermactive formulation which is suitable for even young children. All of Mussvital’s products are free of parabens.

Both the Mussvital Atopic and Sensitive ranges are currently available in Singapore, and can be found in selected Watsons stores across Singapore and on Lazada. For the latest information on ongoing promotions, please visit them on Facebook ( or on Instagram (@mussvitalsg).

Mussvital Atopic===

About Peroxfarma SA

Peroxfarma SA is a Barcelona-based company.   Established in 1977 – Peroxfarma’s earliest product was Foret Hydrogen Peroxide – a product widely known and used in hair salons across Spain.

In 1985 – Peroxfarma developed MUSSVITAL – the first dermatological bath gel distributed exclusively in pharmacies.     In 2001 – MUSSVITAL became the leader of the bath gels category in pharmacies. Since then – it has not looked back. MUSSVITAL bath gels sells more than 15 million units/year in Spain.

In 2008 – MUSSVITAL expanded its product range to include suncare products and hand/hair care products.

In 2016 – MUSSVITAL introduced its Dermactive range. “Dermactive” stands for active dermatological care. The purpose was to make dermatological solutions with pharmaceutical grade quality and ingredients for people who have delicate or sensitive skin.

In addition to MUSSVITAL – Peroxfarma has also developed a highly successful range of health supplements under its EPAPLUS brand. Its supplement, EPAPLUS, is the market leader in Spain’s joint supplement market.

Starting from 2013 – Peroxfarma has started to export its products outside its traditional market of Spain & Portugal.

Peroxfarma CEO is Mr Joan Xiol who is in Singapore for MUSSVITAL launch.   He is accompanied by Carla Lozano (Marketing Manager) and Carla Gros (Export Manager).

Singapore is the first country in Asia to launch Peroxfarma’s MUSSVITAL Dermactive range of products.

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