5 Tips for Helping Child Actors Stay Healthy

Helping Child Actors Stay Healthy

Kids who want to act at a young age will have a lot on their plate. Aside from performing, preparing for and attending auditions, and going to school, they also have to study and do assignments at home.

Moreover, young thespians also have to enjoy their childhood. They need to have time to play, explore and discover, and do all the things that make kids happy.

Because of these various activities, parents of young actors need to help their kids stay healthy and fit all the time. Child performers need to be in tiptop shape so that they can juggle various things.

Additionally, when child actors are in good health, they have better stamina and behavior, which enables them to perform at their best on-set and during auditions. As a result, they have higher chances of being called back or casted repeatedly.

Since your child needs to be healthy to succeed as a young actor, do well in school, and enjoy his childhood, follow these tips from a top child acting agency to help your little one stay in great shape.

  • Ensure your child gets quality sleep every night

One of the first things you have to do when your child starts performing is to set a bedtime that he should follow every night.

When your child always gets enough quality sleep, he will be able to concentrate on and go about all his daily activities more efficiently. Whether he is on-set, preparing for an audition, or going to school, he will have better focus and, therefore, be more productive.

Moreover, when your child gets plenty of sleep, he will look and feel great. This will give him a leg up during auditions.

Aside from setting an early bedtime for your child, help him follow it. Give him a hand when he is doing his homework so that he can finish early. If he is memorizing lines, make sure he does not do this late at night.

  • Give your child healthy foods to eat

Your young actor needs all the nutrients he can get to stay healthy. As such, prepare balanced meals at home. Make sure he gets the right amount of fats, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals at all mealtimes.  

Giving your child healthy snacks and packed lunches for school will also ensure he gets the nutrients he needs every day.

It is also vital that your young thespian eats something healthy during filming and auditions. As such, make sure you pack nutritious snacks in your bag. Always bring a banana or apple, granola bars, and other easy to eat, nutrient-packed foods.

  • Keep your child hydrated

When your child drinks plenty of water every day, he will be healthy inside and out.

Children who are well-hydrated have high energy levels and physical endurance. They can concentrate better too. All of these will help a child perform well in school or in front of the camera.

As such, make sure your young actor drinks plenty of water daily. Ensure he has a bottle of this natural drink when he goes to school, auditions, and tapings.

Additionally, limit your child’s consumption of sodas and sugary fruit juices. Although they can quench your kid’s thirst, they are full of empty calories and do nothing good to your little one’s health.  

  • Help your child get enough exercise

Your young actor also needs regular workout to stay physically fit. However, this doesn’t mean you should bring your child to the gym. You can ensure he gets plenty of exercise by letting him play at the playground or taking him on a walk around a park.

If your child loves dancing, encourage him to do so at home. Zumba is a fun type of fitness program that your little one may like as well.

To keep your child interested in staying active, vary these physical activities. Ask him for things he wants to do as well. Lastly, make them part of your weekly routine.

  • Keep your child happy

Finally, although your child wants to have a career early in life, keep in mind he is still a kid. As such, he needs to be mentally and emotionally healthy. This means you need to help him be and stay happy all the time.

Give your child various opportunities to enjoy and have fun. Allow him to play and help him to meet and make friends. Bring him to the movies or a park during weekends. Give him occasional treats as well, especially if he asks for one.

More importantly, always show your love and support for your young actor. Your unconditional acceptance and care for your child will help him give his best in everything he does.

Whether your child continues to pursue an acting career or stops along the way, always make your child’s health your top priority. His wellbeing is more important than anything else.

About the Author:

Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.