Increase Cloud Banking in the Philippines by Oradian

Oradian Banking South of Metro

Oradian, a financial inclusion company driving digital transformation in frontier markets, is set to launch its cloud-based core-banking solution with its largest customer in the Philippines.

Since the partnership launch in July 2017, Cantilan Bank, Inc. and Oradian have been implementing Oradian’s cloud-based core banking system. Oradian focuses on providing financial institutions with a cloud-based platform that gives access to best practices in banking and microfinance.

“Oradian’s Philippines team is impressed with Cantilan Bank’s high level of cooperation in driving the project forward, and overcoming challenges. Teamwork is one of the key aspects of any successful implementation.” stated Nick Holme, Global Implementation Lead at Oradian.

Tanya Hotchkiss, Cantilan Bank’s Executive Vice President, commented on the progress of their work with Oradian so far, “We chose Oradian as Cantilan Bank’s digital strategy partner because Oradian is experienced in the market, offers global best practice, and shares our mission. Oradian’s system is designed to overcome rural banks’ unique challenges such as delivering financial inclusion in the countryside.  With Oradian’s digital solutions, we are confident that we could be a more effective community bank.”

Oradian opened its Philippine office in 2016 and since then it has grown to serve more than 1.5m end-clients with significant partnerships with financial institutions covering four different market segments in the financial sector.

Oradian provides a digital toolset that fast-tracks the digitisation of rural banks’ business operations. By partnering with Oradian, rural banks in the Philippines have access to the full Oradian toolset. According to CEO, Antonio Separovic, “With our toolset, we aim to not only provide a world-class technical solution, but also international and on-the-ground expertise in implementation and best practices.”