Grace Poe is a Natural Born Citizen of the Philippines — Romulo

Sen. Grace Pos (photo via:

Senatorial Candidate Roman T. Romulo today lauded Solicitor General Hilbay for affirming what most of the Filipino nation already knew, that Senator Grace Poe is qualified to run for the Presidency.

“As the Tribune of the People, the stand of the Solicitor General is in accord with my own personal opinion on the matter and that is why despite all the legal obstacles, on June 30,  by the grace of God and the support of our people, the Chief Justice will be swearing in Senator Poe as the President of our country,” said Romulo.

“The Constitution, international laws and statistics point to the undeniable fact that Senator Poe is a natural born citizen of the Philippines. I am therefore confident that the Supreme Court, the highest court of the land will rule in her favor thereby giving the Filipino people the right  and opportunity to vote her into office,” added Romulo.