Easy Steps to a More Sustainable Workspace

Sustainable Workspace

Sustainability has long passed the status of a trend and has become a true cultural shift making all organisations around the globe adopt new strategies that will keep their businesses afloat. However, not all of them have a large budget at their disposal to invest in pricey solar panels and green roofs.

Fortunately, here are several easy tricks you can implement into your workplace to create a green office without breaking the bank.

Reduce waste

The first step is better waste management. Start by doing a waste audit to determine what exactly you throw away, what can be recycled and what can go into compost bins, and then you’ll see if you can possibly avoid using or even purchasing a certain product.

Next, reuse whatever you can as single-use items are one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, so you should prioritize reusing over recycling. But, this doesn’t mean give up recycling entirely. Recycle whatever you can, from carpets to paper, tin and glass. Have a recycle day at your office and ask employees to bring old electronics or donate your old office furniture to organisations and schools in need.

Engage your employees

To create an eco-friendly shared office space, engage your employees and form green teams. They can coordinate the development and implementation of sustainable practices such as creating sustainability challenges between departments, give out rewards to the champions of sustainability each month and keep everyone updated on new ideas.

A great way to spread the green spirit is to organise monthly gatherings where you can brainstorm about doing something useful for the planet. Regardless of where you’re situated, you can always find a park to clean, clothes and books to donate and a few trees to plant. Once the project is finished, you can have an office party to celebrate your achievements. Find a practical space with a cosy ambience and plenty of seating to accommodate everyone. A rooftop café or restaurant with lots of plants and greenery is a great way of supporting the green cause.

Be energy efficient

There are many ways you can be energy efficient at the workplace. For instance, maintain your building temperature at a seasonally-appropriate level and encourage your employees to layer their clothes so they could adapt to the temperature by taking off or putting on their items of clothing.

Always turn off the lights when a room is not occupied. The easiest way to go is to install motion detecting light switches. Also, set your computers and monitors to sleep mode after 15 minutes of non-use. These two practices can make a significant difference in the amount of energy your business consumes.

Green up the space

By bringing in plants and greenery into your workplace you won’t only improve its aesthetics but you’ll also help purify the air in the most eco-friendly way there is. Plants absorb harmful pollutants from the air and produce more oxygen back.

Moreover, plants help people feel more in contact with nature which always has a soothing effect. Greenery can lift up the spirits, improve concentration and boost productivity. The choice is large, from tiny succulents to spider plants, snake plants and peace lilies. These are also quite low-maintenance so you’ll have them around for a long time.

Creating a greener and more sustainable workplace has become much easier than before and with the help of these tips, you’ll be able to improve your eco-consciousness and give your contribution to the preservation of our planet.