Construction Workers Solidarity to Continue Serving the Construction Sector

Construction Workers Solidarity Party List

South of Metro | Construction Workers Solidarity Party List Further Raises their Voice with the Intent to Continue Serving the Working Filipinos in the Construction Sector.

December 15, 2021 was a significant day among the party list candidates as this day will be the release of the official list of organizations or party lists that are included in the 2022 national elections. Attorney DJ Jimenez was put on the hot seat as he addresses the different questions thrown by hosts of EuroTV’s Election Coverage, Bilang Pilipinas, Henry Nicolas and Alvin Pelobello.

It is better to give than to receive. This is the type of service that a party list like Construction Workers Solidarity Party List is aiming for, to provide for the disadvantaged. Acquiring something, whether it’s material or money is already part of our default nature. It is a social belief that having all these possessions gives us happiness, security, and even confidence. But it only does give us the feeling of excitement that eventually fades away. Being on the receiving end feels good in a short phase, it can be as short as a few minutes or even hours. Giving on the other hand makes us happier, and that is one of the things that CWS Partylist has already proven, to give sunshine on a gloomy day.

Their discussion was kicked off with a statement that CWS Partylist was initially a labor organization that fights for the rights and interests of a Filipino construction worker. Among the prime advocacies that Congressman Romeo Momo is the Magna Carta for Construction Workers. It was pointed out that in each country, the construction industry has a huge impact on the economy per territory. It is rightful to ensure that these groups of individuals’ interests and rights should be given attention.

CWS Partylist is not only representing the construction workers but also includes its allied workers. It aims to implement regulations not only for the best interest of those in the construction sector but for the benefit of the majority.

Construction Workers Solidarity Party List is an active organization that eventually became a partylist with its years of devoted service for the construction workers and their families. CWS has plotted out various programs for skilled construction workers in the Philippines located in different areas in the country. Among those programs is the assistance for those who were stranded during the nationwide lockdown, they gave out food and medicine to make sure that everyone has a meal on their plate. They also assist the stranded individuals to their provinces and have the security to safely reunite with their families in their respective provinces. They are also against the “No Vaccine, No Work Policy”, as long as the worker is not a public health threat, the individual should still be allowed to work and be given ample time to have themselves vaccinated and continuously provide for their family.

In addition to earlier mentioned assistance during the nationwide lockdown, CWS has also successfully executed these different programs for the benefit of the construction workers and their families: Medical Assistance (2020-2021) – Free facemasks, PPEs, RapidAnti-gen test kits, and other medical stuff with medical transportation, Scholarship Grants (2020-2021) – 4-year college scholarship grants TESDA training sponsorship, and DOLE-TUPAD – Tulong Panghanap Buhay sa Ating Disadvantaged to name a few.

The Construction Workers Solidarity Party List focuses to give voice to construction workers and other individuals working in a construction company, by securing their interests and equality for a better future for them and their families. Within the 30 years of service, CWS has been the construction workers’ torchbearer in leading its adherents in a better position.