A Surprise Visitor

by Randy Topacio |

This is a story shared to me by my Mom. I never thought that she would be one of the few people who does not believe in special beings. But to my surprise, she does have a lot of stories to tell. And this is one of the recent encounters she narrated to me.

It was one of those occasions that she would go out to visit her cousin, Tita S. Let’s keep their identities secret. Her sister, Tita M. went to my Mom’s house to pick her up to visit their cousin who was celebrating her birthday.

That morning, both my Mom and Tita M. travelled to their cousin’s house to celebrate with her. The only occasion wherein the cousins get together is when one celebrates their birthday. They would eat out and enjoy talking to each other, reminiscing on their funny past experiences. By the way, all of them enjoy the discounts from their privilege card. (Otherwise known as the Senior Citizen card)

For some apparent reason, Tita S. decided to just celebrate her birthday at home.

As the sisters got to her house, they let themselves in. Tita M. was having difficulty in seeing so was being assisted by my Mom to the house. She left her in the sala to look for Tita S. She called out to their cousin who at the time was in the dining room.

The dining area was around the corner of the sala. As my Mom got to the place, she called Tita S., “S. we are here!” She saw Tita S. sitting at the dining area and waved. Tita S. waved back and immediately stood up to meet them. At the same time, my Mom saw that she was with someone. She waved at her and the lady waved back with a smile.  Mom asked Tita S. “who is your visitor?” She was ignored by Tita S. as she passed by her.

Tita S. proceeded to go to Tita M. to assist her in. Mom repeated, “ S. who is with you? Please introduce us to your friend. Ask her to join us.” Still Tita S. ignored my Mom and continued on chatting with Tita M. while helping her to her seat. The cousins love to talk and tell stories. Mom was bothered because they were already enjoying each other’s company and yet Tita S. has not called her friend to join them.

On the 3rd try, Mom said, “S. you haven’t introduced your friend to us. Invite her here to join us.” At that point, Tita S. exclaimed, “San.., tayo tayo lang ang nandito. Sinong bisita and sinasabi mo?” (Translated: “It is just us who are here, who is the visitor you were saying?” Mom, described the visitor to them. “She has short hair, a frameless eyeglasses and a beautiful smile. I waved at her and she was even waving back at me.”

At that point, Mom suddenly kept quite as it dawned on her who she saw. She uttered to S. with teary eyes, “S. I think I saw your mom. Tita C.” (Tita C. had departed a long long time ago)

Tita S. replied, “oh San… why didn’t I see her. I miss my mom.” “I think she just wanted to be with you on your birthday. Your surprise visitor”, Mom replied.

Now, everybody was in tears knowing that someone they loved has returned to be with them on this special day of her daughter.

There are unexplained things that only some people are privy too. A special gift perhaps that one does not know they have it or even how they acquired it. But to those longing for a lost family member, relative or love one, sometimes the people we miss may have had an imprint in our minds. Forcing oneself to believe that they are still around,

But when someone else sees the person missed by someone else, then does this reasoning apply?

Now tell me, is this for real? You decide.

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