A picture of the past — taken in the present

Intramuros at 730pm

by Randy Topacio |

Last Saturday, I drove my wife to a debut of the daughter of her classmate in Intramuros. It was around 7:30 pm when I took the first picture. The picture showed people walking the street of Intramuros. I was atop of the wall that secured the city in the Spanish era.

At around 11:30 pm, as I went out of the hotel. I found myself alone in the street. I went back atop the wall. The street was empty and it looked neat with its warm light color street lamps. So I took another photo of the street. I never bothered to look at the photo until this morning.

To my astonishment, I noticed that there were a lot of people in the photo. As I examined the photo much closer and enhanced it a bit… Whoa!!! I have captured what seems to be people in the Spanish era.

I have taken a photo of the past.

Intramuros doesn't seem deserted... (Photo: Randy Topacio)
Intramuros doesn’t seem deserted… (Photo: Randy Topacio)


Enhanced pictures
Enhanced pictures (Photo: Randy Topacio)


A closer look (Photo: Randy Topacio)
A closer look (Photo: Randy Topacio)

In the picture, you will see people in white shirt walking away from me. Their clothes are similar to those who wore the traditional Katipunero outfit. A Spanish soldier in white with his helmet is leading a group of NUNS in their white coif, black veil and Holy habbit.

As per Wikipedia, the religious habit of Roman Catholic nuns typically consists of the following elements:

White coif: This is the garment’s headpiece and includes the white cotton cap secured by a bandeau and a white wimple or guimpe of starched linen, cotton, or (today) polyester to cover the cheeks and neck. It is sometimes covered by a thin layer of black crape. The cornette was another type of coif.

Black Veil: This element is worn pinned over the coif head coverings and could be worn down to cover the face or up to expose it. The headpiece sometimes includes a white underveil as well.

Holy habit: This is the central piece of the garment, also commonly referred to as a tunic. It is a loose dress made of black serge fabric pleated at the neck and draping to the ground. It can be worn pinned up in the front or in the back to allow the nun to work.


They wore long white shirts and loose pants.

I don’t know if you will believe me or not but one thing is for sure, I never tampered with the picture to create this illusion.

What bothered me most is that the group of Nuns came out from the wall on the right. But there is no door nor hallway in that area. That’s purely a wall.

I think I have captured the GHOSTS of the PAST. The Ghosts of Intramuros.

Attached are the photos taken. The collage shows the two photos i took.

Now you tell me. Are they for real? You decide.

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