The BF No Sticker No Entry Policy and the #BFGateStandoff

The ongoing saga of the #bfgatestandoff . [Photo credits:, Marisa Suarez and Mike Gregor from Facebook]

by Homerun Nievera |

I have been hearing and reading about the so called BF Gate Standoff across Facebook. Being a Las Piñas resident and one who goes through the BF Homes Parañaque gates, I was interested to write a short piece about it and let more southerners be in-the-know.

In February, there were at least two reported standoffs at BF Homes Village in Parañaque wherein a car (and in one case, 3 cars) who did not have a main BF sticker tried exiting the Elizalde Gate and was denied exit by the guard on duty. The driver decided to exit by the gate entrance (counter-flowed) and left the car there, causing traffic. The case and other similar ones were settled at the security office with the help of the local police — and after many furious “stickered” villagers were stranded for hours.

There are three main parties to this ongoing saga: the main BF Village association, the inner villages associations, and the BF residents themselves. The main argument of many homeowners with stickers is security with a price tage of PhP 150 per sticker for legitimate BF Parañaque residents. The reverse argument for residents who do not want to buy the stickers is freedom of entry and exit to the village wherein they bought the properties, and therefore have the right to go in and out of the village. The twist is that since there are inner villages (and associations) and there are main BF gates, why the need to purchase two types of stickers? The reverse argument again would be security and the maintenance needed (salaries etc.)

This issue of whether to buy two stickers or even just one will be a long argument to settle given the valid points of both parties. However, being in a democracy, I believe that the benefit of the common good — the majority — should be respected above all.

In the meantime, we probably haven’t seen the last of the gate standoffs — the #bfgatestadoff, that is. For non-residents like us, who simply pass through the gates before 10pm and enjoy the Las Piñas Friendship route sticker (by law), we hope we will not experience such standoff.