How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes when Renovating Your Home

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SouthOfMetro|Are you about to roll up your sleeves and start your home renovation? Just wait a second and read this text first. Many people go head first into such an endeavor and waste a lot of money, time and effort due to mistakes they make in the process. So, you can be smarter and learn about the most common renovation mistake to avoid. Here they are: 

Biting more than you can chew

Many new homeowners get too zealous and tackle too many tasks at once. Oftentimes, one project turns into two and two turn into three before they even realize what’s happening. So, unless you’re okay with your entire house being in disarray, focus your energy on one area, stick to your budget and you’ll avoid a lot of frustration and tears. 

Disregarding safety

Older homes have priceless charm, but in that charm, there are some dangerous things lurking. Many times, people can be living together with lead paint and asbestos that can leave serious consequences on your health. So, if your home was built in the 70s (or before that time) it’s smart to bring in experts who will test your property for hazardous materials and remove them safely. Just in case, you can also contact experienced asbestos lawyers who will ensure you get the right compensation in case of any health issues connected to asbestos exposure. The fact that these lawyers exist tells you just how dangerous disregarding safety can be. 

Ignoring building codes 

Getting all the permits might seem like an unnecessary hassle, but they will definitely pay off in the future. Building permits will ensure that your finished product is up to code and in compliance with all safety and zoning laws. You will need these permits every time you’re messing with the structural integrity of your home or building any additions. Some places even require approvals for smaller tasks like replacing windows, updating the furnace, changing the landscaping or building a fence, so check with the appropriate services in your city and ensure everything you build and change is 100% legal. If inspectors catch you working without permits, you can get a fine or be forced to redo everything you’ve done so far. 

Going with the lowest bid

If you’re planning to involve professionals, make sure to collect a few estimates from experienced contractors before you make your decision. When the quotes come, it can be very tempting to opt for the lowest one, but remember that the costs are low for a reason. When you’re cutting too many corners, you can end up with a house that’s a complete mess. 

Not expecting issues

No matter how much you plan, renovations rarely care about your schedules. Of course, you don’t want to hit any roadblocks on your way, but they will happen sooner or later. So, the best thing you can do is prepare for these setbacks even before you start your projects. Pad your budget and schedules and work closely with your contractors. Many people find that it’s smart to leave around 10% to 15% extra in the budget and at least two weeks to your timeline for any unforeseen events. 

Making too many compromises 

You’ve worked hard to save up for renovations and spent so much time coming up with a perfect design, so don’t let anyone steer you in the wrong direction. There are truly helpful designers and contractors out there who are only trying to help, and you should definitely listen to those professionals, but don’t accept every change they recommend. You will be living with the results of your renovation for years to come—you’re entitled to be happy with what you get. 

Now that you know all the issues you can expect and are informed about the most common mistakes people make, you can be prepared 100% and expect amazing results.