Friendship route cemented road to C5 extension now passable

Friendship route access road to C5 extension from S. Marquez Road in Gatchalian Subdivision is now open. [Photo: Homerun Nievera]

by Homerun Nievera | |


After weeks of enduring the rough road from Gatchalian Subdivision in Las Pinas City to C5 extension, the long wait is finally over. It’s now passable!

The cemented portion of the road which was the so called last mile connecting C5 to Gatchalian, was opened to motorists last April 1, 2016. No longer will Friendship Route sticker owners endure the dust and bumps in road and the former pot holes of the then-asphalted access road.

Soon to open Petron along C5 extension. [Photo: Homerun Nievera]
Soon to open Petron along C5 extension. [Photo: Homerun Nievera]
Most likely a joint effort by the city government and the Villar group that owns the ongoing urban development in the area, the cemented road is a sign of more progress to come as the main road from C5 extension to the barangay hall of Manuyo Dos is complete. This allows flood-free and smooth access through S. Marquez Street in Gatchalian.

Another good sign is the soon-to-open Petron gas station at the corner of C5 extension and Marquez Street (I assume the access road is also called S. Marquez.).

In the meantime, the access gate at Gatchalian Subdivision is open till 10pm only to non-residents. Those who have the United Gatchalian Homeowners Association, Inc. (UGHAI) stickers gain access till 12mn.

I also assume that after the elections, the Las Pinas City government will issue new Friendship route stickers.