Easy, Effective Ways to Boost Social Media Marketing for Your Business

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SouthOfMetro.com | Easy, Effective Ways to Boost Social Media Marketing for Your Business | Over 3.80 billion people around the globe are active social media users, according to We Are Social’s latest Digital 2020 report. That’s over 49 percent of the international population.

Your customers love browsing through their Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn feeds for an average of 2 hours and half a day. If your business isn’t on their favorite platform, you’re missing out on crucial engagements and conversions. But social media presence isn’t as easy as signing your business up on Facebook and posting content every once in a while. You need to employ specific strategies to improve your social media presence.

Here are some of them.

Choose the Right Platform

Social media copies are short, but they’re not easy to write. Plus, you have to consider the ad spots you have to buy as well. As such, you need to have a limited list of social media platforms to post on.

You could survey your customers on which social media platforms they use on the daily. But if you can’t do this, a Facebook page is your best bet whether you’re running a B2B or B2C. You could also refer to this report that Pew Research did on the demographics of social media users and compare it with your target audience.

Create the Right Content

Curate content that’s relevant to your business. If you’re running a B2B, post professional blog content, like industry news related to your product or service or useful guides, like lessons about entrepreneurship.

Unlike blogs, however, your posts and ads should focus on short copy that highlights your company’s unique selling points, products, and services — wrapped up by an engaging call-to-action. Uploading whitepapers, e-books, and infographics you’ve created may also be helpful in reeling in clients.

For B2Cs, you’ll enjoy a bit more freedom when it comes to creating content. Visual content, like videos and photos, are the best ones to post. Almost all marketers use videos for their campaigns because the medium helps customers understand products and services better. As for photos, upload professional images of your products on platforms, like Instagram or Pinterest. This is especially effective for restaurants and clothing retailers, as fashion and food content are very popular on these platforms.

Schedule Your Posts

Every social media marketing campaign needs a content calendar. It’s a schedule of all the content you’ll post. It helps you organize posts across all the platforms you’re using. It also reminds you of key dates, like holidays and events, which you may want to create special content for. It helps to research and write content ahead of time, so your posts are always right on schedule. Plus, having a record of past posts may prevent duplicate content.

A content plan is often done through a spreadsheet with a calendar preset. Select the days you’ll create posts for and indicate the topic, platform, and the assigned writer and editor. Content should be created and edited at least a week before posting. This leaves room for sudden changes or revisions that may pop up.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that helps you attract, engage, and retain your customers. As such, you need to invest a lot of time and effort into choosing social media platforms your clients frequent. Follow these guidelines and you’ll see your views, engagements, and shares increase in no time.


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