5 Vital Tips for First-Time Dubai Visitors

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SouthOfMetro|Dubai is a city of contrasts. For this reason, many first-time visitors to the City of Gold want to be well-prepared long before their plane touches down on the tarmac. As Dubai shows no signs of slowing down, its tourism economy continues to welcome international tourists through its doors Dubai Visitors.

In fact, in the first half of 2017, Dubai welcomed over eight million visitors. This is nearly an 11 percent increase over the same period as the previous year. Clearly, Dubai is a dynamic city with plenty of interesting things to do for visitors Dubai Visitors.

For first-time visitors planning their trip to this golden oasis, here are some things you ought to know.

1. There’s more to Dubai than just skyscrapers

Contrary to popular belief, Dubai isn’t defined by the Burj Khalifa or its other similarly impressive displays of skyscrapers. It’s a city that has a rich history long before the first skyscraper was erected Dubai Visitors.

If you scratch the surface long enough, you will find that just beneath all the glitz and glamour, there’s a deep and rich culture that’s fascinating and waiting to be explored. Beyond the desert landscape and looming skyscrapers, there are old souks, natural hot springs, ancient fossil beds, wadis in the desert, and beautiful oases Dubai Visitors.

2. Food choices are virtually limitless

Dubai’s large expatriate population, with many hailing from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, United Kingdom, and surrounding areas such as Iran, Egypt and Jordan, means Dubai has one of the most diverse food scenes in any international city. No matter the neighborhood, Dubai has incredible world-class culinary fare from around the world. And best of all, the food’s attractively affordable.

While there are certainly over-the-top Michelin-starred luxury restaurants to experience, this gastronomic hub has a culinary scene that rivals some of the world’s best gastronomic destinations Dubai Visitors.

3. Respect local customs and culture

Like most international cities, there are certain local laws and customs that unwary tourists may get in trouble for even when Dubai regularly caters to its booming tourist population

Things such as dancing in public, swearing or using obscenities, or public displays of affection are likely to get you in trouble with the local law. Flouting such laws has resulted in tourists getting fines, arrested, or even being deported.

It’s a good idea to do some research before going to Dubai. Being informed of the local laws and customs in Dubai ensures you experience your trip without any legal hiccups.

4. Drinking is allowed

This may surprise many first-time visitors as Dubai is a Muslim city that adheres to Sharia law, but as a global hub for tourism, the emirate tolerates alcohol consumption. Don’t be surprised to find numerous liquor shops in Dubai for the purchase and sale of alcohol.

That said, drinking is only allowed in certain establishments as alcohol is only sold and drunk in licensed venues that are permitted to purchase and sell alcoholic beverages

Non-Muslim residents who wish to purchase, transport and drink alcoholic beverages are required to have a Dubai liquor license. Tourists can also purchase alcohol from retail stores, by showing their original passport, to prove they are on a visit visa, plus they can consume alcohol in licensed establishments adjoined to hotels, enabling them to drink in such venues.

5. Dubai is welcoming

While Dubai is a Muslim city, it’s a dynamic city that colorfully blends modernity and tradition. And while some aspects of the city remain conservative, it is a rather progressive city nonetheless. Take for example the city’s dress code.

When visiting Dubai’s beaches, dress as you would in any other international city. Shorts and skirts are fine, and no, you don’t need a burkini since bikinis are acceptable. Certain beaches designated for families are easily identifiable, and you only need to wear less skimpy swimwear in these areas, or stick to beaches for general access.

With that said, if you plan to visit any of Dubai’s cultural centers such as the Jumeirah Mosque, do cover up. Exposing shoulders and knees in such areas is forbidden.

Dubai is a truly spectacular city. It is a one-of-a-kind cosmopolis that continues to entice tourists and expats alike. Remember the five vital tips above during your first visit to Dubai, and you’ll discover a city ready to welcome you with open arms Dubai Visitors.