Designing a Cosy Living Room

Designing a Cosy Living Room

South of MetroBesides being comfortable and functional, your home should also be designed according to your taste and have features and details that show off your personality. There are still some general guidelines as to how to decorate your home so it’s cosy, especially the living room where your family spends a large amount of time each day.

Here are some tips you can use to cosy up your living space.

Pick comfy seating

The most important feature of any living room is its cosy and comfortable furniture. Whether you’re watching TV, enjoying movie nights with your friends or just chatting with the kids about how their day went, you’d want to be comfortably seated. Take extra time when you’re picking out your sofa as it will be the central piece in the room. Choose it in a bolder colour and it’s become the focal point of the room. Buy it in a neutral shade and it’ll blend with the room colour palette and you’ll be able to add colourful details like throws and cushions to spice things up.

Add texture

Adding more texture is a sure way to increase the cosy factor in your living room. The previously mentioned throws and cushions will certainly do the trick, but their colours and decorative abilities can contribute a lot to the overall design.

Furthermore, you can resort to other things, such as curtains and rugs, as both of them make great accessories and designing tools. By mixing and matching different textures, colours and patterns, you can create a trendy, eclectic interior that can stand the test of time but can also be tweaked if your taste changes.

Bring in lovely scents

In addition to pleasant and soothing colours and materials, lovely scents and fragrances are a perfect way to create a cosy and homey feel in your living room. As taste in scents is very subjective, make sure you find the one that relaxes you the most. There’s a wide range to choose from, such as aromatic scented candles, essential oils, incense burners or refreshing scents of linen sprays that you can spray on your throws and cushions. Your favourite scents will make your surroundings more comforting, soothing and enjoyable as they are quite powerful in reducing stress.

Surround yourself with things you love

One of the best ways to make a room feel warm and cosy is to incorporate the things that are dear to you. These could be books, art pieces, photographs, movie posters or travel souvenirs and gifts. If you have enough space, create a specific area or a nook for your favourite activities, such as an entertainment centre, a reading nook or a comfy seating area by the window for afternoon coffee or tea.

Focus on lighting

Lighting is a key ingredient of a cosy room and to make it as pleasant and welcoming as possible, use mood lighting. For instance, position strategically several different lamps around the room, such as floor lamps in the corner and table lamps on side tables, and install a dimmer switch which will allow you to change the brightness and ambience whichever way you want to. In addition, avoid using light bulbs that shine cold and white light, but rather opt for softer yellowish nuances as they are not so harsh on the eyes.

When designing your home, always go for your own personal style and things that make you feel comfortable and happy. In that way, cosiness will naturally follow and you’ll be able to fully enjoy in the oasis you have created.