Celebrate World Cocktail Day in May with Chug!

    CHUG - South of Metro

    World Cocktail Day was created to celebrate the first publication of the definition of cocktails on 13 May, back in 1806.  CHUG, Your Nightlife Pass, celebrates World Cocktail Day with Singapore’s only free drink redemption app, no strings attached.

    CHUGgers may redeem a host of cocktails from across the world, like the Singaporean-inspired ‘Cuban Nonya’ from Beast and Butterflies, Monte Carlo Boys’ ‘Passionately Buttered’ cocktail and Spanish ‘cocktails’ – Spanish Sangria – from My Little Tapas Bar and My Little Spanish Place.

    The app even features quirky cocktails such as Drink’s signature ‘Give Me My Alimony’ or ‘Big

    Papa” from Palmary’s chief mixologist.  For those who prefer a takeaway cocktail, Canjob Taproom features Singapore’s first cocktail takeaway in a can.


    1. Cuban Nyonya
      -The Cuban Nyonya is a refreshing combination of Asian and Cuban Flavours!
    2. Draft Cocktails
      -Miami Iced Tea? Or perhaps, a Pink Grapefruit Caprioska? While CHUG redemptions are purely dine-in, pick up a can of draft cocktail to impress your friends and family before you leave!
    3. Aperol Spritz
      -An iconic summer cocktail beverage, try Club Meatballs’ take on this drink.
    4. Guilty as Charged
      -Incredibly pretty Guilty as Charged tastes as good as it looks.
    5. Give me My Alimony
      -Who knew lime, muddled cherries and grapes would make for an interesting yet tantalising combination? DRINK did.
    6. Chryst Sourz
      -Expect a hint of acidity to accompany this cocktail, but don’t worry – it’s all done tastefully.
    7. Passionately Buttered
      -You can probably guess what’s in this cocktail by its name, so there’s no need for hesitation! Try this buttery smooth passionfruit cocktail.
    8. Red or White Sangria
      -Sangria is always the right choice for any occasion, red or white, Spanish food or not. Enjoy a classic Sangria cocktail at sister outlets My Little Tapas Bar and My Little Spanish Place.
    9. Big Papa
      -Definitely a contender of drinks to end all other drinks, Big Papa is not just refreshing, but has a taste that is unparalleled.
    10. Mojito
      -What’s a cocktail list without Mojito? QASR makes a mean Mojito, that’ll leave you wanting more.

    For more information, visit www.getchug.com.

    About CHUG

    CHUG was a subscription-based nightlife app that allowed its members to redeem free drinks at any of their venue partners. Since its remodel, CHUG is now a drinking app that allows for Nightlife passes to be bought and used more conveniently. CHUG fits the lifestyle needs of young, working professionals who enjoy drinking and checking out new nightspots in town.

    Originally founded in 2016, the app was acquired by Eminence Events Pte Ltd in 2018. 

    About Eminence Events

    Eminence Events specializes in the retail brand industry because they understand the need for first-rate events to impress in these vibrant and buzzing sectors. As part of the ENCE team of marketing professionals, the team integrates marketing know-how with efficient events management and ensures that all events run by the team presents the brand holistically and in the right manner to the right audience.  It is the aim of Eminence Events to help event attendees deepen their relationship with the brand through the experience of the event.

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