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Do not go by popularity, but go by professionalism – this is the success formula which elevated Dermclinic as one of the country’s pioneer in dermatological centers.

This November, Dermclinic makes staying beautiful achievable as it celebrates its 47th Anniversary with big discount on face and body services. This is Dermclinic’s way of giving back to patrons and even new patients, still upholding the promise of excellent services from professional dermatologists and high-quality products.



Achieve your freshest face in time for the holidays with four Dermclinic services to choose from. Acne Clear Advance or ACA is perfect for those with acne-prone skin as this treatment targets pimples by minimizing its eruption, lightens pimple marks, hence taking care of hyperpigmentation.

Troubled with warts on your face and body? Worry no more as Wart Clear is your lifesaver. The painless treatment uses electrocautery and laser which removes the unwanted skin growths.

If you aspire for a youthful glow, firm skin and the reduction of fine lines, 3FACE is a complete facial treatment suitable for you. This treatment consists of Microdermabrasion, Collagen Renewal and Skin Tightening making healthy, elastic and radiant skin achievable.

Dermclinic also offers three peeling services that target sun-damaged skin, dark spots, acne scars, uneven skin tone, large pores and hyperpigmentation. This includes the Ultra Peel that uses specific peeling solution, Fruit-Based Peel using glycolic acid known for exfoliating and, Derm Peel, Dermclinic’s newest addition to its peeling services.

Who would have thought that Carbon dioxide has its medical purposes? Dermclinic has CO2 Laser that helps correct several conditions like minimizing large pores, lightening freckles, tightening skin, addressing acne scars and, removing syringomas, moles and warts on the face and body.

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Dermclinic has an effective non-surgical procedure to diminish wrinkles. Botox targets the forehead lines, glabellar frown lines, deep rhytids, furrows and crow’s feet, giving you a smooth and younger-looking skin.

Volume, density and tautness of the skin make anybody look young, and you can achieve this with Dermal Filler. This will replace the lost collagen that causes visible fine lines, vertical lip line, marionette lines, chin wrinkles and forehead lines. This is your journey to defying age.

Dermclinic’s Thread Lift (V-Lift Thread) uses fine threads that stimulate collagen production and cell renewal. It relaxes facial lines, restores muscle tone and lifts sagging skin.

Lastly, S-Cell Supreme Therapy is a procedure wherein the dermis is infused with stem cell activators that helps in the stimulation of Fibroblast that boosts the production of new collagen that will provide skin firmness and elastin that will maintain skin elasticity.

Get all these services and bring home Dermclinic’s state-of-the-art skincare which is NuDerm Supreme and other NuDerm products at 25% off. This is a good steal for savvy beauty-lovers!

But wait, there’s more! Book an appointment in advance and if you are the first confirmed patient of the day per branch, you get 40% off plus a gift certificate that you can use for your next treatment. There is no time to lose, so book now and save big!

For more information on Dermclinic, and how it can be your partner in your journey towards a beautiful you, log on to www.dermclinic.com.ph or visit our social media accounts: Facebook page Dermclinicph and Instagram account @dermclinicph.