Bus commuter held-up at knife point on a morning ride in EDSA

(photo: screengrab from youtube)

by Homerun Nievera | SouthOfMetro.com |

My friend Bobby’s fiance, Faith, had a horrifying experience while commuting on a bus in EDSA last March 21, 2016.

Let me share this with you for you to be aware of this modus. Here is what he wrote on her Facebook:

This morning, I got on an aircon bus along Buendia going to Fairview, thankful that i finally got a ride after 45 minutes. I was beside another girl. Somewhere after Guadalupe, a man got on the bus, and sat at the back of the bus. Somewhere before Shaw Boulevard, the girl beside me stood up to get off. I started to stand up to move to another seat closer to the front of the bus.

In a split second, the man was beside me, WITH HIS BACKPACK IN FRONT OF HIM, and under that, a KNIFE IN HIS HAND. He squeezed me to the window and menacingly threatened me with the knife. “Alam ko ang gagawin mo. . . . isasaksak ko ito sa yo. . .” I froze in fear. Although I try to stay aware of my surroundings and suspicious looking characters in public transport, this guy looked like just any another ordinary, harmless guy. But his voice was threatening and I believed him.

By the time the bus was at Crossing, the bus was only partially filled and there were spots of vacant rows all around. The closest fellow passenger was on the seat, on the same row as ours.

The man told me to open my bag and give him my wallet. He also saw my cellphone inserted in a pocket of my bag and asked for it. But when I pulled it out, he saw that it was just a cheap cellphone and cussed. I think he wanted to search my bag, but thank God the man on the same row as ours took notice and was glancing in our direction. He instead settled for my wallet. I had about P500 in it. But thank God, no ID cards or anything.

Past Megamall, the guy whispered to me “Pag nagsalita ka, aabangan kita,” and moved to the row behind me.

When we got to Robinson’s Galleria, I hurriedly got down. Once out of the bus, I ran to the crowd waiting for the mall to open. I wanted to cry, but the fear was stronger.

Please take note of men who have their backpacks in front of them inside buses. This is usually how people hold their backpacks in public places so that pickpockets won’t get inside their bags. But kindly try to take note if the guy is holding a knife or anything dangerous in his hand, behind the backpack.

If you do, you can discreetly get down, take note of the bus name, plate number, and inform the nearest police contingent stationed along different points of EDSA.

God has been good and protected me, and allowed no harm to me. But I’d also like to warn others so that no harm also comes to them. And you can do the same. God bless.

Be careful out there, guys!