8 Best Things to do in London


South of Metro | Explored and founded by the Romans, London stands to the most visited European city. Each year, London attracts approximately 27 million vacationers. London charts the travel check-list amongst most of the vacationers. Rich historically and culturally, London is the most diverse city world-wide. The city is home to more than 9 – 10 million people, covering a much wider metropolitan area. The town’s all four directions have both tourist and commercial hubs located amidst the same. And all the districts have their recognition. You will never feel bored, as there is always something to do and explore in London. With all the significant aspects depicting fine arts, show business, clothes shopping, feasting, and historical facts – there is just no chance that you will feel bored in London. Read on and try to explore the eight best things you can do in London, to keep yourself busy and entertained.

London’s Hyde Park


Hyde Park in London has a historical significance, which makes it famous and attractive to tourists and visitors. It is one of the largest hosts of many demonstrations and protests, including Suffragettes’ rally as well. One corner of the park, also known as Speaker’s Corner is occupied by various programs related to talk-shows, demonstrations, and live performances by many artists. Spend a fruitful day with your family or friends at Hyde Park, the home for many memorable features, along with a couple of water bodies. The most well-known is the Serpentine, where you can spend your whole-day valuably by boating, appreciating the lovely swans, or inhaling generously in the pollution-free air. Located centrally, it is a must-visit place, catering to many activities, depending on all age groups.

Renowned Westminster 

The political hub of London, Westminster, is famous for the Houses of Parliament, as well as the world-renowned Big Ben. It is the iconic clock tower, named after the bell housed within the same. Most of the days, the place caters to all. When you are visiting all these landmarks, have a look at most of the essential statues in Parliament Square of renowned political individuals, including Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.

Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace has been the home to the Royal British Family since 1837. Your trip to London is incomplete if you do not take a stroll over the Green Park, outside the royal palace. It is astonishing to find the 775 rooms along with a privatized garden, once you step into the castle. You can also witness a bit of the royal way of life. From a distance, you can see the world-known Changing of the Guard. This whole procedure takes place, a couple of times, every day. Be the witness of the historical tradition and the utmost discipline, headed by the Royal Guard. They all are well-attired in the iconic London bearskin. Visiting this particular place in London city is going to be a spectacular thing  for you and your family. 

Shopper’s paradise – Bond Street

Are you a hard-core shopaholic? Then visit Bond Street, the most popular shopping district attracting many shoppers world-wide.  Bond Street happens to be flaunting with expensive branded stores, indulging shoppers with a rich taste. Right from Tiffany’s to Cartier and Gucci and Ralph Lauren, your eyes will dazzle with the glistening of well-cut diamonds, Swarovski, and platinum jewelry. The handbag stores are many, as well as the branded clothing stores. So, you will never get bored, even if you choose to window-shop till you drop! The famous well-chiseled 3,000 years old statue of Winston Churchill and Franklin d. Roosevelt sitting on a park bench, stands to be a popular photo clicking place. Bond Street connects to the entrance of Sotheby’s. You will have a continuity in your visiting the famous sites of London, to spend valuable time with your dear ones.

Museums of London


Once in London city, do visit the museums for sure. These all are entry free and is well-acclaimed as the best city focussing for culture and tradition. Right from Exhibition Road to South Kensington, the museums are a tourist paradise! Start your day visiting the Natural History Museum of London, and do not forget to click a photo with the ill-famed Diplodocus skeletal frame, placed in the main hall. The ancient fossils and the well-stuffed animals are eye-openers, along with the Dodo replica. Next, hop into the Science Museum, situated at the next door, to try your hands of many science-related activities and investigative videos. Later, take a relaxing stroll at the Victoria and Albert museum, famously known as V&A, to get your focus shifted to cultural history. This particular museum focuses on fine-arts and various fashion tools, collected from all over the world. A portion caters to many fine-arts students sketching or painting on canvases, or else chiseling! Lastly, finish your day by paying a visit to the British Museum, where you can witness the Rosetta stone, the mummified remains, and explore the age-old archaeological discoveries. The Samsung Digital Discovery Centre is just perfect for children of all ages, catering to all sorts of in-house activities, covering history, culture and science, and technology.

Harry Potter’s Platform 9 ¾

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Well, even if you are not, King’s Cross is the most visited place in London city. The site is since 1852, and recent renovations have given this place a more of a sleek and trendy outlook. The hidden tunnel, well-lit with many lights, stances to be one of the main attractions amongst kids. Though this place carries in its historical aspect, and the shooting of Harry Potter and Hogwarts journey took place here. Do  click the picture, while standing beside the luggage trolley placed on the Platform 9 ¾. Wait with bated breath, till the time you find the cart disappearing mysteriously inside the wall and again emerging in no-time! Commemorate your visit by posing for a photo beside the trolley and wearing your favourite Potter house colour.

Leicester Square – London’s hotspot


Leicester Square is well-known for hosting film premieres to certain chartbusters. The square is London’s hotspot since the 1670s and an entertainment center since the 1970s. Several movie halls surround this place, having the biggest screens, and also bistros and cafes serving delicious cuisines. Cool-off your heels in the centrally-located garden. Leicester Square hosts the famous Chinese New Year, featuring traditional programs with dancing dragons. Walk a mile with the Hollywood star’s footsteps in Leicester Square, and imbibe your artistic side with the various cult films and epic-marathon nights.

Be London’s Night explorer

Enough about visiting London’s museums and gardens! Now it is time to let your hair hang loose and be a part of the night celebrations while exploring London-night! The city turns out to be more vibrant and colorful during night-time. There is always something present for you, right from one-off events and night-clubs and pubs. After sunset, the city transforms into a different place, providing a mystical illumination. Explore the city to the fullest, while car-hiking and stacking all your necessities atop car roof racks. The experience is going to be a life-time one, and also a real eye-opener for you and your dear ones! Most of the famous tourist places like Hyde Park, Big Ben, and Westminster Cathedral go under a transformation and illuminates with neon signs. The bats of Hyde Park happens to be a significant attraction, and are often sighted. Lastly, visit Liverpool’s Polo Bar for 24/7 fine-dine experience!

Power-house of all

The city of London has something for everyone. Right from history buffs to fine arts critics or fashionista, the city is the power-house of all. Though a bit on the higher side from the point of living, London does boast an array of attractive visits, entertainment, and local cuisines. Plan well ahead to explore the city well, so that you do not regret later. Every nook and crevice has a story hidden in them. The above-discussed eight best things to do stand as a tour-guide for you to have a real-time experience while touring London.