51Talk holds “I Am 51talk: Where the Greatest Teachers Are”, the biggest teacher gathering for 2018 for Filipino teachers. 51talk is the largest leading online English education platform which specializes in providing quality online English language teaching for kids and adults. Their platform, Air Class (AC), enables students in China to take live, interactive, and fun English lessons with their pool of highly qualified teachers who deliver a personalized learning experience to all students.

Their personalized approach to learning English with one-on-one lessons has become a trailblazing strategy that has changed the online English as Second Language (ESL) scene. This make English education more immersive, providing optimal “talk-time” to students during their lessons. As of now, they have over 15,000 home-based teachers that conduct 60,000 lessons daily to their thousands of Chinese students.


Why did 51Talk choose the Philippines as their flagship for teaching English lessons?

In China, learning English isn’t that adequate because the teaching quality of English in their schools is inconsistent and native English speaking teachers are scarce and they charge expensively. The Filipinos are fit to teach kids as the Philippines is blessed with English speakers, are culturally compatible, and are of the same time zone with China.

As of now, an MCS between DICT and 51Talk has signed to Accelerated the Employment process of Filipino Teachers to China. During the press conference, the Founder and CEO of 51Talk, Jack Huang, also said that the 51Talk will provide a good job opportunity in the Philippines especially for the teachers because of flexible work schedule and training opportunities. The 51Talk teachers are also called the PHBEEs or Philippines’ Best e-Educators.

During the event, the teachers and guests got rewards, freebies, and lots of raffle prizes. This is event was sponsored by the different ISPs (Internet Service Provider) in the Philippines including PLDT, Smart, Converge, and Globe.

To learn more about 51Talk, visit www.51Talk.com/ph