5 Tips to Bring the Spirit of Christmas into Your Living Room

christmas living room

The spirit of Christmas is a term that gets misinterpreted a lot nowadays. It’s not about the specific color, ornament, scent or even a song. It’s about the emotions that these elements evoke. As such, they can be achieved in more than several ways. Nowhere is this as easy as in the living room. Sure, everyone has a visual image of what a perfect Christmas living room looks like. Now, nostalgia may play a huge role here, yet, there’s no reason why you should settle for the old and familiar, instead of seeking an answer in new and exciting concepts. Here are five ideas to prove it!

Grassy green wreaths

The biggest misconception about Christmas is the idea that it’s all about red ribbons and Santa. Sure, these elements may be iconic, yet, on their own, they’re hardly a décor – they’re just Christmas elements. What you can do in order to set your room up is introduce a lot of green. And what makes a difference between regular green and Christmas green? The shape, of course! By going with a wreath or two as a wall decoration, you’ll be on the right path to invite the spirit of Christmas into your home. With the right amount of imagination and creativity, even some of the old household pot plants can be transformed to serve this purpose.

A romantic ambiance

You would be surprised to learn just how hard it is to tell a difference between a romantic ambiance and a Christmas one. Dim light, red, green and candlelight are the main elements of both, so, with this knowledge on your mind, why not run wild with this idea? Add some red roses to the mix, throw in some red heart-shaped pillows and add a touch of white to the palette. Confuse everyone! Are they preparing for Christmas or a romantic dinner for two?

A new approach to the mantle

Nowadays, a Christmas tree is usually the focal point of the room in the Christmas season. In the past, this wasn’t always so and the mantle used to be just as obvious a choice. Sure, not every household has a mantle, but those that do might want to consider revamping this age-old tradition. As an alternative, you could use a TV as this virtual hotspot of the room. For this to work, though, mounting a TV on a wall might be the most efficient choice.

Using small spaces

The size of the tree is one of the most discussed Christmas decoration topics out there, yet, it’s also somewhat irrelevant when put into the right perspective. You see, cramming a huge tree into a small interior space can make space appear claustrophobic. Therefore, you need to scale down accordingly and make sure that the tree is proportional to the room. Pushing things in the opposite direction and going for a small tree might make the place look empty and cold. Walking down the middle is the only sensible solution.

Mantle-less stockings

Previously, we’ve talked about the mantle, yet, even if you don’t have one within your household, you might want to look for a place to hang your Christmas socks. Sure, hooks on the wall work just as well from the pragmatic standpoint, yet, they need to be positioned properly. Depending on the number of Christmas elements within the room, you might want to spread them out in order to cover as much space as possible.


Other than this, you can go with festive furniture like rocking chairs or even make a festive ledge somewhere alongside your countertops. So far, we’ve insisted on red and green, yet, white, silver, blue and gold can be just as Christmassy. All that matters is that you remain true to the image in your head. All the rest is optional.