4 Ways to Pull Off the Cool Socks Trend

cool socks

Cool socks have been gaining so much hype and popularity today, especially among millennials. Stalls and even online shops are filled with cool socks with so much personality and variety- funky prints, bright colors, adorable characters, bold patterns, and sometimes even famous artworks of popular artists. Even your go-to sock brands have released colorful pairs alongside their staple all-white and all-black pairs. Here are some ways in which you could channel your personality (and keep your feet comfy!) with the help of your favorite cool socks:

  • Socks n’ Sandals

You read that right: socks AND sandals. While it may make you giggle as it is popular among little tykes and senior citizens, this combination has been spotted on runways (Gucci, Miu Miu, and Prada) and fashion blogger posts. Sandals can be paired with the right tube socks for cute school girl vibes. Even strappy heels can be given an extra oomph factor with the help of cool socks.

  • Sheer Socks

Similar to the first tip, these sheer socks can be worn with your favorite sandals or heels. You can also wear them with a cute pair of platform shoes, like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’s protagonist, Lara Jean.  

  • Fishnet Socks

Be daring and give fishnets a try! It may run the risk of giving someone bad retro fashion flashbacks, but with the right fishnet sock length and the right pair of shoes, you will surely pull this one off. Give off an edgy vibe by wearing fishnet socks with boots. Or give your mules a twist with the help of fishnet socks.

  • Printed Socks

As mentioned earlier, stores or pop-up shops that sell printed socks can be found all over the place at the moment. Some of these shops even offer customized pairs just for you. Wear your favorite things (or your heart) on your ankles with sneakers or boots for a classic look with a flash of your personality.

There is no denying that socks are a must have in every person’s wardrobe. They keep your feet comfortable and warm, and protect them from shoes that you have not broken in yet. With the rise of the cool socks trend, your feet will surely thank you.

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